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NFL Football vs.International Soccer.If you were to take the top 10 athletes in each,which aremore athletic?

My aunt and I are having a heated debate about soccer players vs. Football players. I have played football for 8 years so i have a pretty good general knolwdge of the game up and down and its athlets. ok so im saying any back or receiver would dominate any soccer player in most any sport as well as well as claim that nfl football is the ULTIMATE team sport hands down.. Ok now she has had two sons both of which did track and soccer and in my mind are pussys. So she is very biased anyhow she thinks that soccer players are just as "athletic" and that soccer is the ULTIMATE team sport. So i said ok lets have a general set of events say 40 yard dash 100 dash etc etc differnt speed agility and strength tests and see what sports players dominate. 10 nfl athlets of my choice vs 10 international soccer athlets? haha i think its a joke and that football players like owens barry sanders? lol they would kick any soccer players *** in any event.Please i need facts though !Help me win this argument

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    football takes more physical and mental strength plus what American can even name 10 soccer players

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    You can't compare soccer to football, it's like apples to oranges. Each requires different strengths and abilities. While a football player might be fast and strong, that is what is needed for the sport. Soccer players have to have great coordination, endurance and skill. I garuntee you that you cant get 10 pro football players that have never played soccer to juggle a soccer ball over 15 times, while you cant expect a soccer player to throw a football 60 yards on the money. And i agree with your Aunt, soccer players are just as athletic as football players, lets see a fat lineman run for 90 minutes with the possibilty of over time, i don't see that happening, or a running back jumping in goal and stopping a 70 mile per hour shot from 12 yards away. It's just that you prefer watching football while your aunt likes soccer. Just because they can play their sport well doesn't mean they can do other things. It's all about the talents they possess

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    i understand exactly where you are coming from with your side of the argument i am also a football and baseball guy. I would always call all my friends who played soccer foot faries and all that good stuff saying it was a stupid and boring sport. However i watched a little of this world cup and soccer players run up and down a huge field non stop 4 45 minutes straight then they have a fifteen minute break and have to do another 45 and if they are tied they have to do half an hour more so while a month ago i would have said football hands down i have to say soccer

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    I'll try to do this honestly, even though I hate soccer.



    Hand-Eye Coordination: Soccer

    Most soccer players have very high-eye coordination and have to juggle a ball with feet, knees, and head without using their hands. That's pretty hard to do. I believe it's much easier for someone to catch a football than to manage a soccer ball. Anybody can catch football to be honest, it's not hard. Especially when you compared them to Offensive Tackles/ Defensive Lineman, all you have to do is block somebody and being 6,5 344 pds., how hard can that be...?

    Physical Strength: Football

    What other sport demands more physical strength and toughness than football. It's a demolition sport with human body parts.

    Speed: Football

    What's one of things college/pro scouts emphasize the most, before they even think about drafting a player...how fast he is...?

    Team Work: Push (both sports are great at it.)

    A team's success is probably most important thing in both of these sports, and even more so than all other team sports. Unlike (pro) basketball and sometimes hockey, one or two s great player cannot get you to the playoffs. You need a good all round team to succeed in both sports. There's too much going in the course of the game for one player to sit around and look. You have to know wear your teammates are going or what plays they are running.

    You can't do too much isolation.

    Agility: Soccer (controversial)

    Most football players are super agile, being able to move backwards and fowards at high speeds and move well from side line to sideline, but have to give the edge to soccer players.

    In football, even though players play on big field, the game has been played in a kind of box. If you watch most football games, the pace can be very slow, since the players stop after each play and offense cannot score or make big plays unless the (big guys) offensive line has enough time to set.

    Until recently, football has become more wide open, because of the reliance on having a great passing attack, which can speed the game up but at the same time. The best football is played with simple bruise and bash the other team.

    In soccer, the game is a constant flow, there is rarely any stoppage, as the players constantly move from side to side and up and down a really huge field, all while having to juggle a small ball without your hands.

    And naturally, they would be much more agile than football players, because their much smaller and slippery.

    Size: Football players (by far)

    Another thing, scouts look for is how large someone is, even though size don't always equate to talent. It can give some players a certain advantage over others.

    Size is obsolete in soccer. You can be almost four feet tall and be stud in soccer (because of great skill). In football, you'd probably be just water/towel boy or something.

    I think that the NFL players would win in most events or contests, but I think the soccer players might put up fight in the skill competitions, and maybe some of the speed ones.

    Soccer is not a sport, where someone can just pick up and play, it very hard sport to learn. It's something that might take few years to play, because have to have great control over you body.

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    Depends on the skill set of the events. Straight ahead speed, I'd give to NFL dbs and wrs. Agility, soccer players are likely to win. Strength, football. Anything dealing with catching, football.

    All in all, I'd say NFL players have more crossover ability because they train for better core muscles and specifically quick burst. Soccer players would be more enduranced than football, but the constant physicality of football, I'm not sure if they could deal with.

    Soccer= contact sport

    Football= collision sport

    BIG difference

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    alright i am one of the few american soccer fans. i think as far as short distances go, football players have the edge. of course there are also soccer players that would kill any football players in the 100 yard dash. i forgot the stat but i've heard them say several player's times during matches and they can rival anything the NFL puts out.. but any football player would get their *** handed to them over long distances. soccer players have 100000 times more endurance. soccer is a game of finess rather than just brute force and soccer players also win mentally and have to have more skills.. i love both soccer and football but soccer wins..

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    The only thing soccer players may have on football players is better conditioning because they are constantly running around. Football players are bigger, stronger, faster, have better hand eye coordination, more toughness and so on. How can anyone say soccer is more of a team sport then football. Soccer is the type of sport where having one good player can win you a game. That doesnt work in football. You need 5 good offensive lineman, fast, athletic receivers with good hands and good decision making skills. The list goes on and on. Soccer may be more popular world wide but this isnt even close.

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    1 Larry Johnson, RB, Kansas City

    2 LaDainian Tomlinson, RB, San Diego

    3 Shaun Alexander, RB, Seattle

    4 Clinton Portis, RB, Washington

    5 Tiki Barber, RB, N.Y. Giants

    6 Edgerrin James, RB, Arizona

    7 LaMont Jordan, RB, Oakland

    8 Rudi Johnson, RB, Cincinnati

    9 Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis

    10 Chad Johnson, WR, Cincinnati








    7.Robeto Carlos

    8.Wayne Rooney


    10.Christiano Ronaldo

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    i agree with your aunt, what kind of mans sport requires so much padding besides in a battle of brawn rugby players would kick NFL ***, american football is the dullest sport ever.EVER, and there are some dull sports like cricket, baseball ,golf .soccer (football) on the other hand is the most skillful flowing game a man can watch and play, in respect to your decathlon type challenge i dont know who would win but there are soccer players who can run 100m in sub 10secs like david odonkor of germany and dennis rommedhal of denmark thierry henry of france didier agathe ex celtic player.so just to sum up american football(handball)=sh1t


    thanks for listening

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  • Anonymous
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    If you have Tom Brady, Larry Johnson, Shaun Alexander, Chad Johnson, Steve Smith, Antonio Gates, and Ray Lewis on the same team in any sporting event, they would win by default do to all their strength/speed/athleticism. Their only competition would be seven Chuck Norris clones.

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    Football players of course. Sure, soccer players can run, kick and headbutt. But what good would that do when they've been put flat on their asses? Some of those dudes looked tall, but give me an NFL linebacker or lineman and that contest is over, fast.

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