What started the Isael/Lebanon attacks and news going on today?

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    About a week ago an Isreali soldier was kidnapped by Hamas in the Gaza strip. Hamas tried to use his life as abargaining chip to get some Palestinian prisoners released by Isreal. Isreal refused and began a military push into the Gaza strip to try and find the kidnapped soldier. Now Hezbollah has kidnapped two additional soldiers near the Lebanon border stating it would also use them to barter for the release of prisoners. Isreal stated that since the government of Lebanon does nothing to prevent these attacks and harbors terrorists it is responsible for these actions. They (the isrealis) consider the kidnapping to be an act of war by Lebanon against Isreal and have began military strikes and incursions into Lebanon. The end result more innocents die due to actions of handful of fanatics(on both sides) who have no resect for human life.

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    After Israel pulled out of Lebanon six years ago - Hezbollah moved in and started stock piling weapons and rockets.

    Hezbollah which is controlled by Iran - has been throwing missiles at Israel for sometime but Israel didn't retaliate even though they left Lebanon and it was suppose to be observed by peace keeping troops.

    Hezbollah went into Northern Israel and attacked Israeli border soldiers - they killed 8 and kidnapped 2 more. When Israel retaliated Hezbollah shot out hundreds of Katusha rockets into densely populated Israeli cities - it killed a woman and injured many.

    Hezbollah has improved its range and now just shot into Haifa

    Israel has taken out the airport and is putting Lebanon in siege because they are afraid they will try and take the kidnapped soldiers out of Lebanon and it will have more soldiers that no one will ever know their fate

    Eric s implicates that only two soldiers were kidnapped - what about the 8 soldiers killed too and that he compares israel and how it defends itself to Hezbollah terrorists makes me sick

    Source(s): Arutz 7 www.INN.com
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    The Hezbollah is a crazy anti-Semitic cult with deep pockets thanks to the support they receive from Iran. They are part of the government of Lebanon and currently have around 16,000 (!) missiles pointed at Israeli towns. Any attacks out of Lebanon are the responsiblity of the government of Lebanon.

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    The quality of life in these developing countries like ,north korea

    middle east ,and in africa is not very high most dont even have food when people are hungry they get angry in short. The syrians

    kidnapped two israeli soldiers thats like if you call me a bad name

    I hit you over the head with a baseball bat

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    A narrow minded belief that violence actually solves problems.

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    Israel did by shooting buildings and innocent people.

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    fear, politics, intolerance and evil.

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