How many whole blood donations are there in China annually?

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    Shan H, Wang JX, Ren FR, Zhang YZ, Zhao HY, Gao GJ, Ji Y, Ness PM. Blood banking in China. Lancet. 2002 Nov 30;360(9347):1770-5.


    According to the Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion, the numbers of whole-blood units collected in 1996, 1998, and 2000 are about 5·9 million, 7·0 million, and 8·2 million, respectively. More than 90% of whole-blood units collected in China are 200 mL units.... In 1999, 37% of all donors in Shenzhen City gave donations in units of 400 mL; this proportion increased to 53% in 2000, and remained around 52% between January and March, 2001.

    For these data, the article cites :

    Yang C. Blood center management and blood safety. In: Reports from the first Fogarty workshop on blood safety in China. Chengdu: 2001.

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