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Scope of Environmental Engineering ?

I have just got an admission of my Masters in Environmental Engg. Yes, i do love the subject :). Presently I'm working in the construction Industry. Hence my idea on EE's scope is limited. Would appreciate if anyone could enlighten me :). Thank you.

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    Hmm i'm not sure if I can help you but i just completed my bachelors in environmental engineering and many of our modules were taken together with students taking the masters in enviro engin. Some of the modules we studied included wastewater treatment, solid waste management, environmental management systems (stuff like ISO14000), environmental law (stuff like CITES, Kyoto protocol..), safety, health and environment (S.H.E)...

    Check the names of the modules you have to take. And see if they have a brief outline of the modules.

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    Recycling technologies is part of environmental engineering.

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    ya there is..

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