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What is the value of a signed ball signed by past Pirates such as Roberto Clemente?

Somebody asked me this question and I am a little unsure of the amount. Here's the question. many years ago, my sister gave my son a baseball signed by

all/?/most of the (then) pittsburgh pirates including the late roberto

clemente. my son never had any interest, and left it behind when he

moved away. with his blessing, i plan to return it to my sister. should

she decide to sell it, i'd like to think she'd get a fair price. the

signatures are a bit faded but legible. i'd say it's in good condition.

any thoughts on it's approximate value?

Please help me and I don't want any stupid comments.

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    If it is in good condition and can be proven it is their autographs it can be $100-$1200. You can find pretty good prices on EBay for extra research. has a shop where you could sell it also and they can prove it's authentic for you.

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