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I want to travel to Hong Kong.?

I have been researching Hong Kong lately and I have decided I am going to go in October. I wanted to know if anyone knows how much money it would cost to fund my travels for 2 weeks in Hong Kong. Including lodgings, food, travel expense, and spending money.

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    dunno kno which type u want,hotel? hostel?

    so, cant tell u how much do u use on this

    but give u the site all abou HK's hotel.very useful,check it out!!


    it depends! if u eat in hotel,it must be spend a lot!

    if u wanna eat very very HK style food. it no need to spend a lot. cuz it's quite how to presnet to u,so, jus give u some example.hope u dun care.

    Breakfast : eat dim sum,each dish within $10 & 10% service fee (eat dim sum at 6am - 12pm or 2:30pm - 6pm ,it's the cheapest period in most of the restaurant. beside, it has less peepz than lunch period


    Lunch: a WanTan noodle/NiuNan(beef)noodle $10~30

    Dinner: seafood , depend on where u eat. usually within $100 per person.

    special HK snack: 2 big stinky tofu abou$10 , a string of fish ball(5 or 6) abou $5~8 ....etc....usually not too expensive,within $20



    no tracfic jam

    usually around $6 per person for single journey(range:$3 ~ $100)


    1st 1.5km $15 ,every 0.2 km thereafter $1.4,every period of 1 min waiting time $1.4 ......more ,plx click the following


    range: $4 ~ 50 (or mayb higher)

    HK has 3 bus company,but still u can find other 2 bus company's route in the following site.

    <<spending money>>

    wow,how can i tell u?? u can find everyting wut u want in HK.

    i'm not exaggerated! but u must buy the rigth stuffs in the right place!!!

    b/c diff place have diff price even they sell the same stuff!! andthen,the range is too large,i dunno wut u wanna buy,so i hard to tell u.

    mayb we chat in MSN,ok??

    Pics for reference,

    WanTan noodle,look very poor,but it tastes very good

    NiuNan noodle

    special HK snacks

    50 classic snacks in HK

    u can find most of the restaurant in HK and see their rating

    $ = HKD

    1 US = 7.8 HKD not exactly 7.8,just esaily 4 u to calculate!!!!

    last,i'm not copy from others web site!!!!!

    it's typed by me!!!!!!!!!!

    choose me as best


    Source(s): my MSN if u haf any problems, just add me! i;m glad to help u all but my english is not very well since i'm a chinese see you in MSN
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    I think you should go Hong Kong on November or December, it's the best season.

    Anyway about the cost, it depends on your budget too like what kind of hotel do you like to stay and where do you want to stay.

    Because Hong Kong has 2 big islands which are Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. And in my opinion I think if you want to save money you should stay at Kowloon. The hotels are cheaper. Then, when you want to travel in Hong Kong Island you can take a ferry to there.

    So, I think around 1500 - 2000 USD it's enough and you can stay in the good hotel and enjoy traveling in Hong Kong especially Hong Kong Disneyland, the newest Disneyland.

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    Jo Ann is about right, USD4000 to USD5000 for a 2 week stay is about what you will need.

    Hong Kong is an Island but Kowloon is not, its a peninsula.

    Hotels on Kowloon side are just as expensive as those on Hong Kong side, but the view is better, and I should know, im looking over towards Hong Kong island on this hot sunny day from my office in Kowloon right now.

    Have a good trip.

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    December is a wonderful time to go if you enjoy Christmas atmosphere, but of course, price for accomodation will be higher and you need to book hotel early, both HK Insland and Kowloon have expensive and economic hotels, do some research on the internet.

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    2 weeks in a budget hotel (within the range of Usd70 - Usd120.00) per day depending on your choice.

    Food ~ average if you just go for moderate food/drinks, should be around Usd30-Usd40/Day

    Traveling ~ budget travel by mrt, bus etc should not be too high, maybe around Usd10/day depending on how much you move around HK.

    Spending money ~ this depends on you completely as there are a Lot of stuffs to purchase in Hkg at a good price but if you are not a very big Shopper, then I think Usd1000.00 for 2 weeks should be good enough.

    Exchange Rate: Approx Usd1.00 = Hkd7.70

    Enjoy your Vacation there !!!

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    Sounds like a great trip!

    In addition to the obvious things to budget for, don't forget travel medical insurance to protect you against the unexpected. A trip to the doctor or hospital while overseas could really blow your budget. Veteran travelers "don't leave home without it."

    Go to and look around for some good advice. Also, you might want to get a no-obligation quote there. You'll find the coverage is a good value.

    Have fun.

    Best wishes.

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    Depends where you will stay in Hong Kong... Food in Hong Kong is very cheap and delicious.

    Estimate $120US/night for hotel.

    Estimate $15US for breakfast/lunch.

    Estimate $20US dinner.

    Spending is TBD.

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    Go to a travel agent to make airline reservations at the best prices, and then make the hotel reservations yourself with the best prices you can find online.

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    take about 4000 Hk dollars. should be enough provided you dont stay at a 5 star hotel

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    Including all the items you pointed out, I believe you'd need at least US$ 3,000.00 to US$ 5,000.00 for your two weeks stay here. :)

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