Which areas of Philadelphia are relatively safe and quiet?

I'm looking to relocate and Philly is on my maybe list. I am planning to drive up there myself and look around, but I don't have any real leads on where to start. I'll almost certainly be renting, and my monthly rent budget will be somewhere around $500-$650/mo.

Which areas are considered "nice"? And which ones should haul a$$ away from? Info on surrounding areas, and locations across the Jersey line are also welcome.



Specific information please, or none at all. Thx.

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    This was just being talked about this morning on this guys morning talk show. Give this link a look...


    Red is bad.

    As far as noise goes...It's Philly, there will always be noise. You would probably want to hit the burbs for some quiet, and those maps linked above cover them as well. As far as a 1bdrm goes in Philly, chances are you're not going to find something safe and quiet for $650. You will probably spend anywheres from $800 to $1200 a month for a one bedroom in a safe part of the city. You may have to go to the burbs to find something cheaper...think: Manyunk and Roxborough in PA, Collingswood and surrounding areas in NJ. Otherwise, hit Craigslist and try and find yourself someone who is looking for a roommate. THEN you may be able to rent in that price range, as 2 bdrms are normally $1100-$2000 a month, again, depending on where it is.

    Northern Liberties, Philly (see 2nd & Poplar as a center): Not too quiet as 2nd Street is almost a dragstrip. Plenty of good bars to hit, lots of nice people, very artsy fartsy...mostly musically...but there is still crime in the area. Nothing ridiculous like drive-bys and murders, though car break-ins are not uncommon, the bank on 2nd has been robbed multiple times (by the same guy who has been caught) and there has been a few sexual assaults (I believe they caught him as well).

    Center City: Very pricey, but due to the exposure, it's a little more safe than surrounding areas. Biggest problem is mostly the vagrants who range from just pests to the type you should carry mace just in case for.

    South Philly: Is hit or miss. That's something you need to see for yourself. You could be on one corner and it's a great, family kind of 'hood where everyone knows everyone but you could cross the street and get yourself in some real trouble.

    Fairmount: Closer to Spring Garden Street seems to be safer in my honest opinion. Girard Avenue, from the River to the Zoo seems to be a pretty hairy place to be regardless of the block. It's probably a safe bet to stay away from Girard unless you find a safer spot in the Northeast. At that point though, you're going to be a good 30 mintues outside of the city and the crime ridden areas will be very hit or miss.

    The Art Museum Area: Can be very nice, and somewhat safe. Again, keep away from Girard.

    University City: Is the area consisting of UPenn and Drexel University. It's obviously a college crowd, however there's been a recent BIG surge in violence surround University City High School.

    South Street: Very loud, somewhat safe but is typically crawling with the freaky freaks. Close to the River though.

    Old City: Will most likely be very expensive and out of your price range (for a one bedroom), but just in case--it can be very loud, and even though there are a lot of nice bars, restaraunts and lounges, they typically explode with tight black t-shirt, Axe Body Spray wearing spikey hair guys or girls who...eh...ho's.

    12th & Spruce and surrounding area: The Gayborhood. Honestly, it's one of the nicest, friendliest and I think safest areas in the city. It is getting to be very expensive though due to that fact.

    West Philly: Just stay away.

    South Jersey: Stay out of Camden. It has the potential to be a great part of NJ one day, but today ain't it. The Aquarium, the E-Center and the Rivershark's Stadium are all very nice places with incredible views of Center City, especially during the sunset, but you'd better be getting out of there about that time, or your chances of something bad happening increase dramatically.

    Cherry Hill: Isn't too much of an apartment community, but like I said, if you check out Craigslist, you're bound to find something. Stay close to areas near the PATCO high speed line A) for convenience and B) now that I think of it, the communities along that line are relatively safe, and definitely quieter than Philly. Think, Cherry Hill, Collingswood, definitely Haddonfield, etc. It's tough to get to the bars though, as they're kind of spread out and the NJ cops can be real hard-asses, so driving (even though it should be already) is out of the question unless you're the DD.

    You could also follow the Riverline, a new line from NJ Transit. It runs 24 hours from Camden to Trenton, and is a great way to commute. It's been a big deal for manypeople along the River in NJ. However, it's not the same as PATCO as far as the communities go. Pennsauken, Willingboro, Beverly, Bordentown can all be hairy in their own South Jersey white bread kind of way.

    The other towns I can think of off the top of my head that are nice, though not so much rental communities are: Haddon Heights, Moorestown, Marlton, Medford, Mount Laurel, Collingswood, parts of Merchanville, Haddonfield and Voorhees.

    Wow....this is kind of long. Sorry about that. Email me if you have any more questions. Be safe driving.

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    Safe Neighborhoods In Philadelphia

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    You DO NOT want to cross the river into the People's Republic of Jersey. Stay in PA.

    Your monthly rent is a bit low for a single renter (you don't mention if you're willing to do the roommate route).

    If you have your heart set on being close to Center City...not on that rent you're not..at least not in a good area.

    That being said..the suburbs of Philly are pushing out further and further every year. I live about 40 miles from Philly proper, which 5 years ago when I moved here was like being in another world. NOW...the new developments going up in the area (Chester County) are touting themselves as the home of the farmer/Philly Banker.

    you can literally live in a house or apartment in a VERY rural area and with a few rides on the rails find yourself at your desk overlooking the Delaware.

    The counties closer to Philly like Bucks are a bit pricey. So..my recomendation is to start searching in Chester County , PA. You'll be surprised at how much you can get for the money and still be within a reasonable train commute to Philly..if in fact that's where you're going to work. Good luck.

  • The East Falls Area of Philadelphia is nice and safe. I lived there for 4 years and never had any problems. It's been awhile since I lived there, moved out in 1994, but I have visited occasionally in the past 10 years and the neighborhood seems to have held up well. While I lived in a well maintained row house, two blocks away from me lived Senator Arlen Specter and then Mayor (Now Govenor) Ed Rendell. I used to see them both at the local minimart.

    Stay away from the Art Museum neighborhood - dangerous and expensive. Some neighborhoods in South Philly are nice but it's block by block as one of the other answers said.

    Roxbourough and the North East are also nice but far from the action.

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    Safe and quiet: East Falls, Roxbourgh, Chestnut Hill, Mount Airy, Germantown (Tulphockon Historic District, Blue Bell Hill, Awbury Historic District), Wynnfield, Cedarbrook, East Oak Lane, Winchester Park, Old City, Somerton, Fairmount, Rittenhouse square, Holmesburg, Lawndale, and MANY MORE!

    Loud neighborhoods: Most center city neighborhoods, Manayunk, University City,

    Violent neighbohoods: Kensington, Fairhill, Stawberry Mansion, Tioga-Nicetown,

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    Safest Neighborhoods In Philadelphia

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    Which areas of Philadelphia are relatively safe and quiet?

    I'm looking to relocate and Philly is on my maybe list. I am planning to drive up there myself and look around, but I don't have any real leads on where to start. I'll almost certainly be renting, and my monthly rent budget will be somewhere around $500-$650/mo.

    Which areas are...

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    Cherry Hill NJ is pretty reasonable and safe. It's across the bridge from Philly about 10 miles. Not sure what the exact rents are but more reasonable than many areas of Philly that I looked at.

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    I just moved from Langhorne, Bucks County which is just north of the city. I took a train to get to work downtown. You aren't going to be able to rent anything in a good neighborhood in that price range anywhere near the city. Also, Philly is weird like the person in South Philly said, she lives on a good block 3 blocks away is not nice, the whole city is like that. You don't want to live in North Philly, but the Northeast is ok. I also really agree with the person who said don't live in the People's Republic of Jersey, it's bad very bad. I know, I grew up there, plus they just raised sales tax.

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    I just recently bought the house in South Philly that I'd been renting for 5 years, and love my block! Philly blocks vary...three blocks away from me isn't the greatest area, but mine is a fantastic block. Stay West of Broad Street, above South or below Wolf, OR East of Broad, pretty much anywhere, except 11th-13th Street above Bainbridge. East of Broad, south of Washington Ave = cheaper rent. I rented my house for $800...3 bedroom house! You can find 1 & 2 bedroom houses for less. This is in South Philly. http://www.southphillyreview.com has classifieds, and will give you an idea. Also, try http://www.philadelphiaweekly.com.

    Good luck!

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