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Were R2D2 and C3PO gay lovers?

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    definitely. Original definition of cyber sex, I think. Actually, there's kind of a cute couple.

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    C3po Gay

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    For those fools who think they know Star Wars, I shall personally answer the question. Droids do not "love" one another. Love is an emotional feeling. They do not hate either. Hate is an emotional feeling. Now, take a standard B-1 Batle Droid. They are programmed for one purpose, to do what their master wishs, if it may be killing Jedi or what not. So no droid can ever be gay.

    Second, I will like to also correct those of you who said that they coulsd not have feelings simply because they are droids (no gender). That is partially true, but not entirely. Droids can and are programmed as "Male" or "Female". Obviously a battle droid is a "male" programmed droid, while a cleaner droid is an example of a "female" droid. R2-D2 and C-3PO are both "Male" droids. There are other astromech droids that are not male like R2. Take R5-D17, Obi Wan Kenobi's astromech droid that gets destroyed by a buzz droid in Episode III, RotS. That droid was a female R5 droid.

    OK, the confusing part: What a droid can and can not feel. A droid can not feel emotions, but they can still care. Just as a battle droid is willing to kill itself to protect it's Master, R2-D2 and C-3PO are willing to help one another, though I would say that R2 is a bit less concerned about safety than C-3PO. lol

    Hope this helps you all. If anyone else has any Star Wars questions, feel free to email me them! I would love to help out new fans with tough questions! :-)

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    yes I believe so. In episode IV, when 8d8 captured c3po, r2d2 came to his rescue. 8d8 was raping c3po in Jabba's palace using his ugly snail slime as lube so 8d8 could slip his robot genetailia inside c3po's tight robot oil hole. r2d2 quickly found out that c3po enjoyed this type of robot love, and thus was born the best gay robot couple.

    Source(s): Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope
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    can robots be gay lovers?? i thought robots could not express human emotions.

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    robots can't be gay or hetrosexual. Get a life!

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    NO - and that's pretty horrible that you mention it. Can't anyone have a friend and be two guys?

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    r2 is a power top

    he's go that probe thing

    "ohh R2"

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    THEY ARE DROIDS! End of discussion, now go get a life.

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    Uh uh...R2 was a girl

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    Yeah, I'd say so

    Source(s): A Conan O' Brien piece I saw, last year, with R2 stickin' it to C3.
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