Whats the best way to learn how to "tap" on the guitar?

I know basic chords and a few songs, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to "tap"...anyone have any techniques or advice?

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    I am assuming you are referring to a hammer on? But Im not sure? Tapping can only be done on an electric guitar as you can't really get the sound out unless it is amplified somewhat.

    Tapping is just touching notes it is tricky but I learned via the descriptions they give in guiter magazine.

    Hammer on's are easy...

    As Im sure you know by now if you play even a little, fret lines are very important. Well when playing harmonics and tapping it is even more important! (I have to get my guitar to explain it right hold on a sec...) Okay, Im back... LOL okay...

    What you do is start with your left hand pointer finger, it seems to sound and work best on the higher notes of the first string so find a fret, press down right at the fret line with the left pointer, and as your pick up your left finger on your left hand tap down on the next fret down with the pointer finger of your right hand, making kind of like a slap and pull motion switching fingers one after the other as you go, like you would if you were playing a bass but using your pointer rather than your thumb. (same kind of slap and pull)

    The best visual aid I can offer you to explain how it is suposed to go would be a game of THUMB WARS only with your pointers! You have to slap one pull-off then repeat between fingers and frets in succession one after the other applying the right pressure to get sound out of it.

    Once you get good at it, an excellent song to learn via tapping is the flight of the bumblebee. It is a classical piece but it will help you in speed and agility and not to mention it sounds really really cool!

    Watch old VanHalen videos! Eddie Van Halen, Billy sheehan (base) & Steve vai. They are the best tappers around!

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    If you are referring to tapping like at the beginning of Van Halen's Spanish Fly, you need to place your fingers on the notes to be tapped near the upper frets, then tap the corresponding octaves above the 12th fret. Like if you put your finger on string 6 fret 2, you would tap string 6 fret 14. If you are referring to hammer and pulls, you just need to hammer your finger onto a fret then pull it off to make a double or triple arpeggio

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    practise makes perfect

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    I dunno. It took me about 15 minutes to learn to tap after I knew the basics. I'd say practice.

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    just do it.?

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