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What will it take to break the terrorists' will to make war against the US?

Personally, I think when we buy no more oil their oppressive secular governments will fall so they can institute oppressive theocratic governments. I believe our getting off of Middle Eastern oil and onto ethanol will bring peace.

Also, we will have to get our boots off the ground over there. They are haters and will kill us as long as we're in striking range.

The end result is peace for us and energy independence.

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    What makes you think that if we just leave and stop bying oil there will be peace?

    I agree that we should not buy their oil and we should drill in Alaska but if we just leave there still will be no peace.

    You dont understand whats at stake here.

    If you dont convert to Islam than there will be no peace. This is what this is all about from al Qaida, hizbellah,hamas, cair , muslim brotherhoods point of view.

    Why do you not see that? Is it because you are so naive as to think that a RELIGION surely doesnt want its followers to kill people do you?

    wake up and arise! Know what the fight is about

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    It's a little bit complicated. You see everything revolves around one certain thing and that is BUSINESS, Big business. It's all about making profit and lots of it. So many industries are tied up to it like the steel industry, silicon valley, agriculture even the stock market.

    Go back to the depression, no or to few jobs, why because there is no demand for something substantial. The economy stagnated to a standstill. Then came WW2, suddenly there was a huge huge demand for steel and coal, two resources our country has plenty of. Steel and coal produced weapons and armaments and most importantly jobs, much needed and wanted at that time. Then there was the enlistment in the armed forces which also created the demand for strong and able bodied boys and men to be sent off to faraway lands to fight someone elses war. Suddenly the war ended, but what to do with all the industries that sprouted and profited and gained during the 6 year world conflict?

    Just leave to the "bright boys" from Washington In their own twisted way convinced most of everyone in Capitol Hill that war is a good means to maintain an economy like ours and maintain the power status that we are, hence two more wars came to be the Korean and Vietnam war.

    These two wars and the other little wars in between in some God forsaken place gave birth to a new era, an era of conflict and profit. Thus the boom never left the bloomwe ahd a robust economy and everyone benefitted from it one way or another, directly or indirectly That there is the law of supply and demand. Washington think tanks and their cohorts will create the demand then big business will supply that demand. Then it suddenly dawned upon these few "lucky & bright" fellows to band together and make the whole world their own little empire.

    Look at Bin Laden a scion of a multi-millionaire, do you think that protracting a war with us will help him gain the freedom he most often tell his fanatics? I don't think he really cares about that one obscure militant he brainwashed with his rhetorics about how evil the west is and that they the oppressed are the ones who are chosen and go forth and be a martyr and blow yourself up to bits. So then why don't he just distribute his family's wealth or make it work to help alleviate the "sorry plight" of his martyrs. Maybe he ain't dumb to just start doling out the moolah to any tom, dick or harry that just happens to come by and ask for it right? The al qaeda and the jemayah islamaya and the other groups can't mobilize without funding from someone, right? Don't you think that Bin Laden plays the stock market too and or has several millions of dollars invested in war related businesses? Or any world leader, billionaire or millionaire or businessman for that matter. Why is it that with all the funding the CIA gets or the hi tech gadgets for surveillance the government has, can't we still capture this slimy and slithering snake of a guy? Or any of his lieutenants for that matter or just cripple his finances. Oh no but our goverment opted to watch over us, the common citizens by looking into our bank accounts, checking our calls at random and so forth.Big Brother is looking the other way, WHY?

    Basically it all boils down to GREED and CONTROL. Everyone of us has a streak of greed gleaming in our eyes and the urge to have control. It's human nature. If only we can truly suppress the greed demon and control freak in ourselves can we then attain peace and all these hate for anyone, not just for us will then dissipate. I too have this problem on greed and control and I'm trying my damnest best to get rid of it.

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    I agree that independence from arab oil would help significantly for three reasons:

    1. It would keep us from being "held hostage" by our need for oil.

    2. It would tend to lesson world support for regimes harboring and financing terrorists by lessening it's need of arab oil.

    3. It would take away the financing and logistical support from terrorist groups.

    Beside that I believe we must keep the pressure on and continue "hunting them down" wherever they are. Continue helping Iraq rebuild into a strong independent nation with the benefits of democracy to demonstrate to other nations in the region our sincerity. Elicit stronger support from other arab nations by convincing them to end support of terrorists.organizations. Vermin are much easier to eliminate once you have destroyed their nests.

    Maggie LeMas. Very good point.

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    Well, it would help if the terrorists saw a unified America. They see us as weak and divided. What more encouragement do they need?

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    they do not care if we stay or go. they are born to hate us and their religion tells them to kill anyone who is not a muslim. no matter what we do...they will always try to kill us and they will die just to kill one American...So the only way to break the cycle is to change their culture and religion. If that doesnt work ....kill em all.

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    Or how about the US just wising up and realising that they can not control the world?

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    A nuke, Seriously, Japan hasn't given us any sh*t since.

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    There is no breaking them they're terroists

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    Simple - if we can convince them that we will never quit.

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    when they know we will fight as dirty and as long as ity takes and they have the fear of death in them....

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