broadway tickets?

Broadway tickets?

I need to get hopefully cheaper(er) broadway tickets for next week without payoing an arm and a leg. Id like to see one of the headline ones like spamalot or the pajama game, etc. Are there any RELIABLE, GOOD, sites out there that help me with out ripping me off or charging me an arm and a leg or selling me fake tickets?

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    Using the TKTS booth in Times Square is a great way to get a deal (usually half price), but you won't find hard to get tickets (like Spamalot; The Pajama Game has closed) there. Some shows (like Wicked and Rent) conduct a lottery before each performance to sell front row seats cheap, but you can't count on having your name pulled out of the hat.

    To be sure to see the show you want on the day you want you're going to have to pay more. The site below has coupon codes for discounts to some big shows, however I've never tried to use one, so I don't know how it will work out for you.

    Good luck!

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    If you are flexible, and willing to wait until the day, you can get reliable half-price tickets to top shows at a Tkts booth the day of the show. The main one is in Times Square.

    The site has good info.

    (P.S. -- bring cash or traveller's checks.)

  • 1 decade ago The list of shows is on the right side. You can buy tickets in advance, great seats, great pricing and the tickets are real. I have used the site TONS of times.

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