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is mechancal engineering or computer engineering easy to study?

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    I started off with 2 friends from high school. all of us go to drexel and finished our second years out of a 5 year program. we all started off in mechanical engineering. After the first year, i went materials engineering, to get into nanotechnology, and my one friend stayed mechanical, and my other friend went computer. no matter what, the first 2 years are roughly the same. its heavy in physics, calculus, and chemistry. if you do not like these subjects or think they are too hard, stay away and do like an information technology major. less hard, still somewhat technical. if you do like these subjects, then it wont be too bad. I got through it relatively unscathed. could have done better, but then again, could have worked harder.

    mechanical focuses on areas like aerospace and thermodynamics, fluids, and anything to do to with motion or forces

    Computer uses alot of the same learning base as electrical, so be prepared to take circuits, logic, and minor programming classes

    and i know you didnt ask, but materials is all about getting the properties you want out of materials, either by making new composites, or by processing old materials in new ways, plus nanotech

    hope this helps

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    in case you hate physics, why are you pondering engineering? Engineering is purely utilized physics. have you ever considered a level in business enterprise or psychology? they are elementary and seem what everybody else is majoring at present, because you're searching for for some thing common.

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    I would say not it is not 'easy'. There is not a single engineering major that is easy. You have to work hard because engineering is hard. That is why it pays so well. Engineering is a hard major, but rewarding IF you can get through it!

    Source(s): I am an engineering student!
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    A great man once said : "if you love your work,that work won't seem as 'work' to you at all."

    If you love to do a job,you wouldn't think twice about it.So,go ahead follow your passion.Its sure to work out .Cheers !!

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    if u believe there will be peace on earth everyone will hav enough food hav enough water n other stuff

    then yes

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    NO!!! stay away at all costs!

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