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need advice! how can i get my cat to stop urinating in the same place? this has been infrequent lately.?

i have tried nature's miracle, baking soda, i clean the carpet immediately, and he STILL keeps going. it's either during the night or when we're gone. i don't think it's a uti because it is in one place and it has been since my husband moved in after we married a few weeks ago. i think it's a territorial issue. please help my sanity!!! :)

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    The cat can still smell his scent in the same spot even though you cleaned it really well. the odor is still in the carpet padding. If you have a deep vac carpet cleaner try that or rent one, that worked for me, it got the odor out of the padding which I could not get to with regular cleaning products.

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    Cats spray or urinate inappropriately for most causes. it should be a urinary tract an infection or urinary crystals causing then issue and also you should ascertain your vet. If the vet exam is neg for those issues it should be behavioral. there are procedures to address this also. If there has been any significant variations contained in the living house consisting of latest contributors be it a canines, cat, toddler, or maybe transferring the furniture. or maybe once you've moved at the moment. those type of issues may reason rigidity for them and can cause them to urinate outdoors of there field. There are sprays and muddle attractants. you actually have the want to make positive you've one muddle field in step with cat contained in the living house. there is also some thing called Aqua-puncture it truly is like acupuncture yet somewhat distinct for cats. good success

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    I know this is wierd but my male cat spayed the carpet once. I got mad and the only thing that was close was wd40 so I sprayed it at him (not on him) and than the carpet. Never happend again. So try maybe something with a not so natural smell.

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    I sprayed nature's miracle on it, then set something large on the spot so my cat couldn't get to it, and shut him in a room with his litter box for a few nights. He got back into the habit of using his litterbox in a few days.

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    Sounds like your cat is trying to tell you something...hehe

    Hmmm...if Nature's Miracle didn't work-then you might need to just cover the spot. Hopefully it's in a convenient place to do that.

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    These problems are difficult to solve. One method that I've used is to put down a bunch of aluminum foil so that cat can't get near the spot without stepping on it. They don't like walking on it.

    Is your cat fixed? Neutering may help also.

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    Clean the litterbox! Really...I have a cat and she has no problem using the litter box. I try to clean mine out every night, or every other night. Your cat will be much happier, and you will too. =)

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    get your cat to the vet to be sure it isn't a uti. you may have to retrain your cat to use the litterbox by confining him to the bathroom or a small room with his litterbox and some water.

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    try changing what u clean it with the smell of some cleaning things make the cat want to pee there

    Source(s): i raise cats
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    get this no-go house breaking aid. we have it and it works wonderful. all you do is spray it on the spot that your dog is going and just walk away from it and repeat it when your dog dose it again then put his nose in it and say no no or bad dog then put him or her outside for a little while then go back to the spot and spray then let your dog in.

    Source(s): personal experance. our dogs do it too.and eversince we started to use this prouduct they have stop doing it or they do it once in a while.
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