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What is the difference between a BA and a BS in computer science?

I'd just like to know what the major differences are in a BA and a BS degree in computer science are... What jobs can I get with a BA or BS that I can't get with one or the other... and so forth, I want to be a Network Planning Analyst but do not know which degree to attain. Any and all information is accepted, I need as much as I can get.

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    The BS is much more valuable for your future. It requires more science and math courses but many many more engineering jobs require the BS which is what really counts, you need every edge you can get in this job market. You should get on and do a search for computer science and get an idea for what employers are looking for, that's where I and all the other engineers I know get our jobs. I graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech by the way.

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    There is no difference at all. Some universities choose to call it a BA, some a BS, and some even have both, but there is no way to tell from the name of the degree just how technically oriented or liberal-arts oriented the program was. Employers will not care at all which one you have.

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    When I was in school, the difference was about a year of Math courses. As for the job market, most computer programming jobs have been farmed out overseas. Ironically this has occurred because the US puts limits on how many people can emigrate each year, as a way of trying to preserve the job market. There weren't enough qualified people here, so the industry moved to where the talent is. If you want to make yourself marketable, keep your nose clean so that you will be able to work in secure fields. Stay current. Network with possible future employers and co-workers. Work on your people skills. In today's market, nobody will care how good you are, if you are a pain to work with.

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    I think BA is 2 years Degree and BS is 4 years. BA is not a professional Degree while BS is a professional Degree

    Do BS then Do CCNA or MCSE or any higher professional course

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    BA and BS are simply designations for universities. Employers mostly want to see that you have a degree, relevant coursework, certifications and on-job experience - the specific wording on your diploma is largely immaterial.

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    Any science-based degree will award a BSc - BA is Batchelor of Art and is award for non-science based degrees (eg English, art, history etc)

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    BS usually has a few more math/science classes required.

    BS is generally considered better for employment.

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    In my school, a B.S. has more science courses and more demanding math requirements, but most of the computer courses are the same.

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