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Outercourse and Pregnancy?

can one get pregant if you had sex, didn't ejaculate while in the vagina, pulled out, kissed for a while, and then a few minutes later (after things had settled down) you ejaculated on the outside of the vagina, but not directly on the vaginal opening? What is the probability of pregnancy in such a situation? how long after sex should one wait to get a pregnancy test?


What is meant by the fact that the first morning urination can tell you? first morning after when, and again, what does this mean?

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    It takes one drop of sperm. A drop of sperm always happens when a man gets aroused. the second you make contact that sperm is giving it it's all to get to that egg. It is very possible to get pregnant after having outercourse. Two weeks until a home pregnancy test can confirm.

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    It is not impossible but it is actually prety hard. when you think that some couples have sex every month, and the man releases millions of sperm right up next to the cervix, but they still don't get pregnant (because not enough sperm got up into the fallopian tubes or there was no egg there to fertilise) then the chances of getting pregnant from ejaculation outside the vagina is fairly remote.

    But it is not an impossibility.

    A pregnancy test is only really reliable from the day your period is due. Doctor's blood test are generally more reliable than the shop-bought urine tests. But to be honest I wouldn't worry too much as the chances of being pregnant are fairly slim.

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    If you had sex at all you can get pregnant its called pre-c*m. which all guys do, and you can get pregnant from ejaculating outside of the vagina if any got inside, and you may not have realized that some did. and you have to wait until you miss your next period then take a pregnancy test

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    anytime you have penetration pregnancy is possible. Pre-ejaculate contains enough sperm to fertilize an egg.

    If you don't want to get anyone pregnant...don't have sex... it's the only 100% effective birth control.

    If she's really stressed about it...a week after the first missed period is a good time to test. Remember... the first morning urination will give the most accurate results.

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    I think it is still possible if you did near the opening of the vagina. you will have to wait until you missed period before a test can be done. Why not use a condom if you do not want to get pregnant?

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    Yes it's possible to get pregnant like this, and you should wait until you've missed a period to do a pregnancy test, if you are pregnant it wont show up because there wont be enough hormones in your urine yet.

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    If it is near the opening its possible. Sounds like you don't want to be pregnant though or you want to be a virgin mother.

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    you do not have to ejaculate to get someone pregnant, semen seeps out during intercourse. wear a condom then you don't need to worry so much

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