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Why so many kids are having sex these days? Can't you see you are still children?

You see children having children. 12-18 is too young to be having sex, why can you understand that???? In that age you are suppose to be preparing your future and then worry about having sex.

Can you parents teach them some morals?


You have plenty of years to do it. 18-until you die!!! And you'll be more mature and the sex will be better.

Update 2:

Tell your Mom to buy you a vibrator.

Update 3:

if you can't control your hormones.

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    Times have changed, that is for damn sure! I think it reflects on the parents when children are getting pregnant in their teens! For some reason, parents are wanting to be more like 'friends' to their kids- instead of PARENTS!!! I remember seeing my friends parents offering to buy us beer, as long as we would let them drive us to the party when I was 16! My parents would have never done that! That is simply enabling the issues!

    I am 27 now, and I had sex at an earlier age than I wanted to. My parents never talked to me about sex when I was growing up. My dad was always commuting out of town as a salesman, and my mom handed me a book on sex- that was all. I think my curiousity got the best of me.... and therefore, I can never go back and change the past.

    I am now married and my husband and I are trying to conceive our first child. I would definitely say that my children will be wearing some type of chasity belt until they are 21! (No really, I mean they are going to be watched over.....)

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    Parents were teaching their children morals and respect for others.Then the gov decided sex ed should be taught in schools and not at home.They taught our children how to have "safe sex" how to use a condom.When that failed and teen sex became rampant,they taught our children that it is ok to kill those babies that were going to inconvenience their lives! Now everyone blames the parent! When will people learn!

    Sorry for the edit but I have more to say....

    For those of you that are parents,do you recall when your child was about a year old and discovered their private parts? Well as most of you learned if you ignored them when they touched themselves,they soon stopped,Some parents make a big fuss about it and that in turn caused the child to wonder why they weren't to touch it,and they touched it more! Am I right? Well think about it.When parents were still allowed to teach their own child about the "birds and the bees" it was done at home they had the talk and that was that,My mother put the fear of God and the promise my dad's belt across my behind if I got pregnant before I was married.Then when the schools started teaching them sex ed.They weren't concerned with teaching the child self respect and respecting others it was all about them feeling good and trying to make them experts at having sex.Then the whole thing backfired and some how the gov has weasled out of being blamed for it and the parents are now to blame.Think about it! Some of you weren't old enough to be parents at the time.I was witness to it all! I saw the changes taking place.Parents need to regain the right to teach their children their morals and values! Instead of having to stand by and watch their child's future go down the drain and then they have to try to pick up the pieces and mend their child!

    Larry I will say this... If one of my daughters had asked me for a viberater she would have been slapped into the next life!

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    They think they are old enough.

    When I was thirteen, I knew everything. I've since forgotten it all, but I remember being the smartest person on the planet.

    You couldn't tell me anything I didn't already know.

    Plus, don't parents today expect their children to act more like adults. No reason for them not to think that they should partake in all the same activities that an adult would. No reason for them not to think that they are capable of handling sex. Also, we are a nation of want it now, get it now. We're not passing along the virtue of will power.

    At that age I used to go outside, and play. Now we have their own little bachelor/ bacelorette pads set up for them in their bedrooms.

    Upbringing. That's why.

    They usually learn the "morals" after they've received medical care for STD's or when they have to ask their Mom to babysit so that they can finish junior high.

    Kids have no concept of time. They think life has been long already, and the future is now.

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    I am with you I didn't realize how rampant it was until I got on Yahoo Answers. I think ages between 11-16 that is just way to young but you see 12 y.o. asking how to give BJ's. Or 13 y.o. worried about being pregnant. Well yes you maybe pregnant because your 13 and not responsible enough to be having sex at all so therefor you have unprotected sex which = babies. It's saddening.

    As for the morals part well my oldest is only 6 but I thought I had a good 7 yeard before 'the talk' but it looks like I am going to have to do it sooner than later.

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    Poor communication between parent & child is probably the main reason. Just like this kid said they see us doing it so they do it too. What's up with that? There are things only kids should do and there are acts better left to adults. Even some adults dont act grown enough to be having sex, let alone any kid! They dont realize how many consequences there could possibly be from having sex too soon, and of course their parents wont tell them.

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    I agreed with each thing you've been posting till you made the @sshole remark:"unmarried moms (greatest scum in our society)" . If a lady does that, then certain I agree she is somewhat of sh*t yet I take offense on your remark because I ensue to be a unmarried mom by ability of no fault of my own, particularly a cowardly bastard that keen to desert his kin (and certain i replaced into married not purely knocked up). So earlier you're making @sshole comments and assumptions imagine two times. That replaced into very offensive and unnecessary. I stay in CA and that i'd assume that the state does this because that's in a lot debt they don't desire anymore welfare recipients so that they'd particularly displace the cost to some random guy particularly than the state. that's finished garbage, the equipment is f*cked. yet yeah, scratch your sh*tty remark about unmarried moms that replaced into uncalled for bs. There are f*cked up people everywhere in this international, i'd start up off with the help of calling toddler rapists the "greatest scum in society" not a unmarried mom douche face.

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    I tell you what if i would have had a child any younger than i did my parents would have beat me into next week and this crap about we see yall do it no that is not right parents are to lazy and people don't give the old fashioned a$$ whooping anymore because kids want to holler abuse then and that is dumb you can't even disipline your children anymore that is what the problem is. mother of one at the age of 22 i was also going to say if yall youngins is going to have sex why not use BIRTH CONTROL

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    First teens are NOT children they are between childhood and adulthood. Also it's not just these days teens have always had sex. Teens are humans and humans are sexual. It's only been recently our lifespan has increased in the past if you were not married and pregnant by 16 half your life was gone, many people died by 40. If it was not meant to be god would not have given the drive or the ability, it's just simple human nature.

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    actually teens can start to have sex between the ages of 16 17 and 18 and there after

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    The thing is madame today the so called future is highly unpredictable. So the kids have sex and the girls get pregs and then the family satrts sooner!. How cool is that!. I had sex when I was 7 years old!.

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