why do we not focus on the problem at hand.?

1)schools that do not teach morality or the 3 r's

2)hospitals that bill medicade and medicare for billions with lots of room for fraud.

3)intrest rates that choke a horse

4)defense spending that is out of control

5)1/3 of americans rely on a pay check from uncle sam and i am not talking about regular welfare but the redistribution of taxes on working americans into defense and health care which is payed for by taxes collected by working americans who really pay taxes not just hand back to uncle sam part of your government pay.like teachers proffesors police fire defense workers contractors that build prisons roads and government buildings.

trickle down my bottom it trickles up to the rich from taxpayers who by the way have increased taxes on those making less then 35,000. a year for the last 4 years cause i checked out the tax tables and did the math .it is not much only 5-40 dollars but when bush says tax cuts who is he talking about.

WE have serious problems that go un-attended.


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    Seems to me looking at your posts is that you are an unemployed bum living off the system or someone else. Who are you to question the government. Why don't you try to fix something easy first, yourself. You rant and rave about the system but it's people like you who are a big part of the problem. You sit home on your lazy butt and just complain. If you are so smart why not get out and do something?

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    Perhaps the problems at hand are different for different people.

    1. I'd go with the 3 R's. Morality is parent's responsibility to instill.

    2. I'd get the government [federal and state] out of providing health care for anybody not employed by them

    3. Interest rates are relatively low. You should have seen them under Carter.

    4. The US needs a strong defense. Are there wasted dollars? Sure. But I'm sure that you waste some of your income too. Many people think that SDI (Star Wars to you liberals) is a waste of money. Perhaps, but don't you wish that more money was put into fixing any problems now that N. Korea is trying to build long range missiles?

    5. Where do I begin. Defense workers, Prisons, roads, government building are not waste per se. However, some of them are problems such as the "Big Dig" in Boston and "The Bridge to Nowhere" in Alaska.

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    Schools have no right teaching morality. That is a parents job. We do teach the three R's, but with distractions in the classroom and no backup from parents at home with things like homework, and going over lesson plans from that day, it's an uphill battle. We teachers can only do so much.

    Hospitals do need to be accountable for their billing practices. $60 for a Tylenol is horrendous. But they are trying to reign in the overbilling.

    Intrest rates are down. Get your facts straight. My mortgage is under 6%...my car loan is 1%....my credit cards are at 11%. Compare this to my previous mortgage at 10% over 12 years ago....a car loan at 11% and credit cards at 22%...I'll take todays rates anytime.

    Defense spending....what is the price of freedom? We can't bankrupt the military, and judging by your posts, you are very anti war, anti military, anti government, so a bankrupt defense department is your only solution....let's stuff a daisy in the gun and go home. We need a strong military, and money to sustain it. Without it...we are sitting ducks.

    What is wrong with teachers, police, firemen, government contractors? First of all....how dare you say we don't work for a living. Teachers, police, fire personal and the military are the lowest paid, professionals in this country. My husband is a pilot...he could make $100,000 on the outside,rather he defends our country. Go look up is payscale. He is an AF captain. He makes 2/3 less than he would in the civilian sector. As far as teachers....Do you know in my state, teachers only make $22,000 a year. That is such a low pay rate for education your kids. I spend on average $2,000 of my own money for classroom items not provided by my school. That knocks my salery down to $20,000. Are you proposing getting rid of firemen and policemen so we can reduce taxes? I sure hope your home doesn't catch fire or someone robs and beats you...you'll be screaming for help and no one will come to help you. As far as government workers. My husband is active duty. Should we do away with his job? When some terrorist bombs your train or work place...don't go crying for help.

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    Thank you once again for writting a question dealing with real issues.

    Here is the problem. NOBODY in government makes money from your ideas.

    I'll deal issue by issue if you'll let me.

    1-Education. Where do you start? I have mentored several young kids in my life. Do you know how hard it is to teach a child to read when you are surrounded by violence? Yelling, screaming, loud music and the occasional gun shot are quite distracting. So you have to first work on crime, but crime won't stop till people are educated enough to get good jobs. (drug issues are often a result of despair caused by poverty). Catch 22. So start with a triple threat- higher wages for law enforcement and teachers. Welfare system that increases payments to the indivual BUT has a limited time frame AND provide job training to those able bodied. Should someone not be able to maintain a job one will be appointed for them, after basic training they may enter the military or civil service. Secure our "slums" by providing moderate income housing.

    2-Medicare fraud / welfare fraud are major issues that need to be regulated, however the more regulation the smaller the number of Dr who will accept such patients. So where to begin? On this one I say start at the whole healthcare system. END frivolous lawsuits and outrageous punitive damages and ADD criminal negligence in place of punitive damages. (That way the offender pays the price NOT passed down to patients as is now). Give the FDA real power, if a drug is approved by the FDA then once again punitive damages not awarded but the offending drug exec gets a new "wife" Larry. Health insurance companies must, in public interest, maintain a certain amount of transparency to a government watchdog group. Liability insurance would have to be completly over hauled. Give tax breaks to employers who offer and pay for healthcare to all of their employees (full and part time)

    3-interest rates are near historic lows, I'm guessing you weren't around for the Carter years. The issue we have is that NOW everything is bought on payments. We as consumers need to slow down and buy with cash.

    4- Defense. Where on this one? This is run just as the GSA, I've got one word for them...depresiation... We need to get government agencies incentives for SAVING money. Not spend spend spend to get more more more in the next budget.

    5-Taxes so so so so so so so easy 17% flat tax. No IRS no loop holes no BS. you make 10000 you pay 1700, you make 100000 you pay 17000 you make 1000000000 you pay 170000. Currently if you are in the 35K you pay what 17% but someone who makes 100K pays 28% (after standard deductions) Yet you get the same governemnt service? How is that fair? Your 5-40 on 35K is nothing by the way, if you didn't get tax cuts that would have been closer to $856 (times 4 years is $3500). (invested in exxon that would have been $5200). The rich get richer and the middle class poor because the rich invest their money NOT buy needless things on credit.

    But that's just me

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  • DEEJay
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    1 decade ago

    We can not focus on these things because there is no balance in our House and Senate. If one party has the voice of all Americans then 50% of Americana's are being left out. It would be the same if the Dems had the Majority in every aspect of our government. Absolute power always brings with it absolute corruption. Once balance is restore to our government we can have as true democracy again an all Americans will benefit.

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    Our politicians are so caught up in trying to get re-elected that they’re debating wedge issues that mean little to our nation. The problem with this two-party system is that the only things they can agree on are the things that keep them in power. They get the money to run their campaigns from donations by companies who expect legislative favors in return and by fund-raising dinners and speeches attended by wealthy and die-hard supporters. What the American people (at least those who want a rational and reasoning government) need to do is support a party other than those that are entrenched in the system.

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    Honestly, I think because the individuals at the top are able to buy the attention of politicians. Thus, the issues most important to them (lowering Taxes for the highest brackets, removal of estate tax, etc.) get the most attention of the politicians.

    I understand how those with tons of money want their issues addressed, and that politicians need money to get elected/re-elected. I think the system is very flawed in that respect.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well the earth was not made in a day buddy, things take time to fix. There will always be issues out there that need fixing, we do the best to try and focus on the most important at hand. then go down the list from there.

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    1 decade ago

    The reason we are not dealing with long term issues is that we are too hung up on the now stuff. Take a look at the presidency. They have four to eight years to make a change. Whether or not the change, good or bad mind you, sticks or not depends on the next person in office...

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