My computer does not recognize my iPod, but other computers do.?

I have tried all the things the Apple website suggests. I have downloaded the new updates for the Nano, but then when it says "Plug in an iPod to update it" it does not recognize that I have plugged it in. All the USB ports on my computer will cause the iPod to "light up" when plugged in, so I'm sure they are working. I don't know what else to try. Any answers will be appreciated.


I am using Windows XP on a Toshiba Satellite laptop and have automatic Windows updates. I also have a Linksys wireless card in the computer.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    As mention above if your usb is only 1.0 that maybe your problem. When you first plug in your Ipod does windows pop up with a little box in the bottom right hand corner saying this device is 2.0 but your usb is 1.0? something along those lines. Also try a mouse or something else in the ports and make sure they work for sure. OF course make sure you have the windows install.. Also try uninstalling and reinstalling itunes. Also you might try using this its like itunes and lets you put music on and off, just an idea.. Good luck

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    So time this is caused by a conflict with your USB ports. If you have a modem or a network card in your computer for some reason those two devices like to take the USB IRQ.

    I would look in control panel under system and system devices go threw all the USB ports and write down the IRQ numbers next look at other devises and make sure that they are not using the same IRQ numbers.

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    All Ipod's are USB 2.0 complaint.Check if your system is upto date with that.I'm sure the USB port in your system would be a 1.0.Let us know,allright.Take care

  • 1 decade ago

    Are you using Windows? If so, you may need to download the latest update package.

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