Is it wrong for a 16 yo to view pictures of a younger girl?

Ok so my boyz and i was talking bout this cuz a guy in our town whos 20 got busted for child porn, the girl on the comp was like 13. so we were like dude that's us in 4 years. so we thot what would happen if we had a 13 yo gf who took pix of her boobs or other areas and sent them to us. Would we be looking at child porn or just our gfs boobz. Then what would happen if 4 or 5 yrs later cops found them on our comp. what then?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I wouldn't consider that child porn because you are a child yourself. So basicaly it just children looking at younger children. It sounds nasty when you think about it. but that it is how it is. You are not consider an adult until you are 18. you have 2 more years

  • 1 decade ago

    I dont know man but, you should stay away from 13 year old girls out of respect. Imagine if your 13 year old sister or daughter (when ur older) was being used by any guy, even a nother 13 year old guy. Its just wrong to encourage any girl under 16 years to perform sexual acts, they dont know any better.

    You answered your own question about if you were 4-5 years older cz you said cops arrested someone 4-5 years older than you for the same thing.

    you remind me of dat sick *** muhumad.

    Just go find a girl that iz atleast 14. Dam. ur tha scum of the earth.

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    dude first of all that is disgusting! if you're 16 then why would you be dating someone 13? go for girls the same age of older. they probably wouldn't care they wouldn't ask you. They would be like oh child porn, bad. why would you still have it on your comp. you can delete if you still think it's necessary to look at that stuff over the comp.

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    Yep the entire thing becomes a FELONY because you are doing this over the internet. She may be underage and be 13 but the law still sees this as YOU lying- and pursuing the girl and you are the adult and should know better. You will ALL go down if you keep up with this behavior!

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  • 1 decade ago

    uhhhhh....if its ur gf then thats ok, but if ur gonna be lookin at child porn when u get older........ur future is gonna be in jail homie!!! good luck!!

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