What advice can you offer me on moving from Denver CO to Portland OR?

My husband and I are wanting to move to Portland OR with our two young children here in about a month. We are looking to just start fresh in a new city and be away from our overbearing families. We just need a little help figuring out the best part of town to live in, the hot spots, and the like.

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    Southeast (artsy, lots of musicians and artists) and Northwest (more expensive area)--Portland are really nice...actually Southwest too. The only parts not soooo nice is Northeast..but only in a few areas. Portland is a very safe city. The hot spots are in and around SE Hawthorne and around 22nd and 23rd in Northwest. Trendy city with lots of live music/bands, pubs, and lots of shops and artsy things...:) You will love it there, it is a town full of creativity and beautiful scenery (Mt.Hood, Multnomah FAlls, Columbia River etc). I lived there for 11 years. . May want to look up portlandcitysearch.com. That also has lots of tips on cool restaurants...etc.etc. If you are looking to find a house or apartment try the 'Oregonian'. They are also online. Good luck and have fun in PDX!

    If you need more tips let me know and contact me!:)

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    5 years ago

    Just buy a set of chains from a nationwide auto parts store that has stores in Portland and Denver and if you don't need them then just return them in Denver As far as routing goes your best option is I-84 E >I- 80 E > 1-25 S bc it's a lot less 3D than I-5 S > I -80 E > I 25 S When you get to Boise check road conditions from Ogden to Evanston WY bc have an upclimb thru a place that's known for it's snow The other guy gave you some good advice Make sure that that car is on a full sized car trailer and not a tow dolly which even for good driver can be a handful Safe trip

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    I don't know much about Portland itself, but you should definitely plan a tour of the Oregon coast. Visit some B&B, some light houses, go whale watching, and visit a Tilllamook cheese factory.

  • Lucy
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    1 decade ago

    set up appts with real estate agents, they will have a lot of knowledge and insights to impart

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  • 1 decade ago

    running away is never the answer

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