Can I adapt from a 2inch pipe to a 1 inch suction on my pump?

I have a well point and the pipe coming out is 2 inches, the suction on my pump is 1 inch. Can I adapt down or do I have to put in a new point for 1inch.

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    you can get an adapter at the hardware store. it is 1" on one side and 2" on the other.

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    It sounds to me that you have a 2 inch sand point well. You would not be able to hook to the 2 inch pipe and suck water through the pipe. What you would want to do is drop a 1 inch pipe down the well with a foot valve or check valve at the bottom of your 1 inch pipe. This works fine as long as the water level is not more than 32 feet below the surface. You will need to then drop your 1 inch pipe down the well, hook it to your pump then prime the system by filling the 1 inch pipe and the pump with water. Make sure the 1 inch pipe is kept a foot or two off of the bottom so you are not sucking up sediment from the bottom.

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    Probably not a good idea, the pump is more than likely designed for the 1 inch pipe, since you will be pulling water up through the 2 inch pipe the pump will be lifting an additional volume of water up beyond what it was designed for. You may burn the pump out, probably better to change the well point.

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    The adapter (ours in L-shaped) works fine, as does the pump.

    You probably know this, but all the joints on the inlet side need to be airtight. I used some plumber's tape "Teflon" on the threads before doing them up. The bottom of the pipe in the well should have a non-return valve.

    The key measurement if the amount of "suck" your pump has, ours can suck 9 yards/metres so that is the maximum length of pipe between the pump and the surface of the water in the well.

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    if I understand you right, you are saying that a 2 inch pipe of water will be coming into a 1 inch pump. If so, I would think that the volume of the water would cause a strain on the motor, it would proabably work, but run a little hot, thus reducing the life of the motor.

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    The load on the motor will cause it to give you constant trouble. It will work, but with great difficulty. You will see yourself changing the motor often or the fuse often.

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