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News report of mice on jet liners we fly on?

Did anyone else see the news report on KSDK, channel 5 news of St. Louis, about the air liner that the maintenance people found it infested with mice? It was a Boeing 767, and they found live mice, droppings all over and even dead mice. They found wires chewed through, nests in the air vent systems and also in some of the emergency air maskes (the ones that drop down for passengers to use in an emergency) they found dead ones. They reported it to the company and also the FAA, but the plane was allowed to continue to fly. Reports of mice were turned in about that plane by other crew members at other times after that, on the routes it was flowen, but it took like several trips and reports before anything was done. The FAA said they did nothing about it cause there are no rules or regulations about mice on planes. If it was that bad on just one plane, how many others are that bad and people are flying in those conditions? Why won't they do something about it? Anyone have any ideas?

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    I would think that there are some kinda health code violations here but i dont know for sure but that is terrible there is food & drinks served on these flights shouldnt it be related to the health codes??? also do you know which airline this is???? Please do tell????

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    Awesome. Flying mice.

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    That's why the snakes were put on the plane, to eat the mice!

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    The wings have a structure which creates low stress intense of the wing and intense stress lower than...that's termed the Bernoulli theory which states purely; swifter shifting fluid has decrease stress. The low stress created on accurate of the wing acts like a vacuum and sucks with large stress, bringing the plane with it. The engines purely create adequate potential to bypass the plane at intense adequate speeds to allow this to ensue.

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    4 words:

    Snakes on a Plane

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    eww yucky

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