How long does it take for the pill to absorb into your bloodstream?

Last night, exactly 1 hour and 55 min *after* I took my pill I finished eating a bowl of cereal and burped up a little piece of cereal (not vomited). Would this have in any way affected the pill I took almost 2 hours ago? Because I didn't throw up or spit anything out...should I take an extra one today just in case? I'm in the third week of my pack and I know the third week is important so I just wanted to make sure...

This sounds like a really paranoid question, sorry about that :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Any pill taken orally usually take about 45 minutes to get absorbed into the blood stream. There are some that will take longer but they are made to do that with special coating or composition.

  • 1 decade ago

    have u been taking them at the same time everyday? if so then u should be alright. as long as u did not through up any of the cereal or any of the pill. it is still in ur system. so u have nothing to worry about. u are alright.

    Source(s): i have been on the pill before and know.
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