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why is spiders mean??

cause they don't like people

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    The only 2 spiders I would stay away from are both the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse spider. These are the only 2 that can be dangerous to humans. Big hairy Tarantulas look scary (mean), but they are quiet tame. Most spiders will run if you try to poke them, a Tarantula will raise its front legs if threatened.

  • "Why 'ARE' spiders mean?

    Spiders are not MEAN, people have fears of them. Why fear them? Because you do not have knowledge of them and if you did you could replace your FEAR of them with KNOWLEDGE about them and learn that in spite of their LOOKS, which is what most people HATE or FEAR, they are very helpful creatures, indeed! Replace your fear with knowledge, the fear you have comes from a lack of knowledge. I am not calling you dumb many people do not learn about things that frighten them. A book or photo cannot harm you take a look read about them! How can you be afraid of something you have learned about? Be brave and just look at these sites they can be helpful. You will learn how to identify spiders that can be toxic and what to do if bitten, you can learn that most spiders live outdoors and do not come seeking PEOPLE inside homes to attack, that is HOLLYWOOD, MOVIES. Try to clear up MYTHS about spiders that other less knowledgeable people share with you, get your facts straight and you will loose most if not all your fears. Really Spiders are NOT MEAN.

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    Most spiders are actually non-agressive, even those people generally fear like tarantulas. There are actually very few types of spiders that are ill-tempered and even fewer that are a genuine danger to humans.

  • spiders aren't mean, they are just scared of people.

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    It's NOT that they don't like people. They are defending themselves and their territory. Plain and simple.

  • Anonymous
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    b/c they dont like ppl we're about 3billion times there size

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That the way they are aways on attack

  • 1 decade ago

    Because they have no education.

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