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I have a dress that is deep burnt orange with bronze beading, how should I do my makeup?

I am a brunette with lightly tanned skin and brown eyes

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    gold, bronze or darker brown metallic eyeshadow

    brown mascara

    warm colored brownish blush

    coral, bronze, or chocolate lipstick or lipgloss

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    Don't match your make-up to your outfit. Your make-up is there to highlight your face and bring out your natural colors and features. If you are light skinned I would put on a little bronzer for a dress that color though, so you don't get washed out. If you're wearing it out in the daytime I would keep it simple and natural. If you're wearing it out at night, you should put on some eyeliner and a little extra mascara to play up your eyes. And a nice rich lip color. Just make sure you do what looks good on your skin, not what looks good with your clothes.

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    since you have a tan let that be you foundation . go with browns for your eyes and a liner .Too much trying to match your dress will make you look clownish . Lipstick , go with a light coral , that's where you want your color . Dress sounds beautiful so don't add too many blings , let the dress speak for itself . I'm sure you will pull it off . Good Luck

    Source(s): associates degree in cosmetology in pa.
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    Being a Detroit Girl Myself, first and formost make mostly everything water proof, you never know when were going to get a good storm!! 2nd I would go natural with a little glow in your cheeks, and no lipstick use a tinted gloss instead. You should look perfect!! Have Fun

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    Oranges, and mauves blend them together, do a blue eye liner on top with two coats of mascara on top only! top it off with some peach lip gloss, it'll give you a very natrual and BEAUTIFUL summer look and dont forget to use your foundation/powder close to your natural skin color but your tan so stay away from it, and blush too, you dont reallly need that

    Source(s): I do makeup =]
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    A soft copper eye, a nude but glossy lips and a soft light bronze cheek.

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    Stick with browns and neutrals, or maybe a lighter shade of your dress for your makeup (eyes, lips, or blush).

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    a shimmer brown that has sort of a gold tone to it. you can find this kind of makeup at clinique and mac

    or at their store in the mall or at a department store such as lord and taylor, macy's and nordstrom

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    try a copper colored eye shadow and a coral lipstick or gloss or maybe a nuetral light brown

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    Peachy shadow,with light brown lipstick...

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