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Can I have 2 email addresses on Yahoo?

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    Yes. You get an email address when you sign up for Yahoo!. You can get a second email address for free:

    1. Go to your Mail page.

    2. Click the Options link.

    3. Click the Mail Addresses link.

    4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Get Started link to create a second address.

    All your email will then go to the same Inbox, regardless of which email address it was sent to.

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    You can also have one Yahoo! Mail account that has 2 addresses linked to it. This allows you to get the mail from 2 different Yahoo! addresses into the same inbox.

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    If you have a paid for yahoo account you can have as many addresses as you like that will all point to your "real" e-mail address. If you had the time you could register several yahoo accounts, each one comes with its own mailbox

    Best of luck

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    sure, you can. You can have as many email addresses as you want on Yahoo.

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    Switching between money owed: you'll pick to open the account that you've now, no matter if it is your 2d account, then click the signal Out" link. even as the safe practices question window opens, click sure to proceed. a sparkling sign up web page will open. you should pick to scroll to the right to ascertain the "sign up" link and click on it. even as the recent sign up web page opens, enter your first e mail address and password, then click ok.

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    sure you can. You can also have hotmail address, gmail address and countless other free web based email addresses.

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    You can have 10 if you like!! they just have to be diferent adresses. You can't like have 1 email.. directed to many other yahoo accounts..

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    Yup, the option should pop up in your personal options menu with your password and watnot, if your a member long enough you can get another e-mail...

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    Yes, but you have to sign out of one to sign in to the other.

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    Sure, I don't see why not!

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