The truth is my gf kind of gets me excited when she smokes cigarettes, she has a unique style..I am?

a nonsmoker...I have been trying to get her to quit..but she refuses, says she enjoys it, has enjoyed it for years, and it is part of her personaliy...should I just enjoy who she is or dump her if she does not quit...I really do like her a lot and I enjoy her company..Serious answers this is a real dilema for me..


What should I do is kind of a sexual turn-on for me, but I know she should not do it, but she will not quit...what to do?

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  • Sorcha
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    1 decade ago
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    Accept her for who she is! She might quit in the future you never know ;) For now just enjoy your relationship and see where it goes.

  • 1 decade ago

    Remember that for every puff she takes, you may as well be smoking along with her because second hand smoke kills just as effectively as smoking does.

    As for your turn on...there's gotta be other things that turn you on as well...

    If smoking is a serious issue, and YOUR PERSONALITY, preference and lifestyle include a serious attitude about non-smoking, then maybe being friends is a better situation for you. If your dislike for smoking is mild and you don't mind being around smoke/smokers then don't forgo the relationship over smoking.

    You need to evaluate the importance of non-smoking to you.

  • 1 decade ago

    accept her for who she is but i would encourage her to stop because she may enjoy it while she is inhaling it but when you gets dignosised with lung cancer she won't enjoy it and she will no that it was from smoking 5 packs a day or more

  • 1 decade ago

    Cigarettes are so bad. Think about your future children. Doesn't she want to be around to see them grow up? Please, quit before something bad happens. Trust me, do not invite pain into your life. Besides, doesn't she love you enough to quit?

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