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ways of increasing and decreasing friction?

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    Two factors influence the force of friction acting on an object,

    -The coefficient of friction

    -The normal force

    Force of friction = coefficient of friction * normal force

    By increasing/decreasing either of these two things, the frictional force is increased/decreased.

    By changing the coefficient of friction or the normal force, one can change the magnitude of the frictional force.

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    methods to reduce friction by -

    - ball bearing

    - lubricants

    - applying powder

    - painting

    - using wheels

    - using soap solution

    i think i cant for methods increasing friction,may b dis will help u out -

    Factors Affecting Friction

    Friction depends partly on the smoothness of the contacting surfaces, a greater force being needed to move two surfaces past one another if they are rough than if they are smooth. However, friction decreases with smoothness only to a degree; friction actually increases between two extremely smooth surfaces because of increased attractive electrostatic forces between their atoms. Friction does not depend on the amount of surface area in contact between the moving bodies or (within certain limits) on the relative speed of the bodies. It does, however, depend on the magnitude of the forces holding the bodies together. When a body is moving over a horizontal surface, it presses down against the surface with a force equal to its weight, i.e., to the pull of gravity upon it; an increase in the weight of the body causes an increase in the amount of resistance offered to the relative motion of the surfaces in contact.

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    All materials have a coefficient of friction. Consider it like a bunch of different grades of sandpaper.

    If you keep material A the same but change B to a material with a lower coefficient of friction, you will reduce the friction when rubbing the materials.

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    Some random tired thoughts... roughen a surface add lubricants lighten the sliding object. use wheels start the object moving, then measure the friction Aloha

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