You Never Know What You Have Until It's Gone?

agree or disagree? im hoping my significant other will see this.


i agree with this, i think he has it pretty good but doesnt realize it

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    I have to agree with this one...

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    Disagree with the word "Never". I used to be like that, but now I can play the tape through in my mind and imagine what life would be like if, for instance, my girlfriend left me or a loved one passed away. Sometimes a little time away from each other can get someone to think about things with more of an open mind, and help to get the proper perspective and appreciation. Very seldom are things in life "Always" or "Never" when it comes to human nature.

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    i totally agree, in love this is proved a lot. you have someone get used to them being there and doing things and it becomes a pattern so only after that person is gone you realise how significant they were thats why you should appreciate people in your life cause you dont know if they will still be there 2morrow

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    Ha! My boyfriend just told me that when he's gone I'll finally realize what I had. I already know what I have, arguments about stupid sh*t everyday, believing I'm an idiot and an awful parent and that I don't have any common sense. All stuff I can live without.

  • That is the sad truth, but that means you need to make the most of life and others. I agree.

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    I agree in some situations. When something completely throws a wrench into your usual routines, it always reminds you of what a big part of your life it was.

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    NO, I dont think truly appreciate all the good things they have until they lose it. It happened to me. I didnt appreciate the greatness my marriage held untl it was too late and it was over before I even realized it. Very sad!!!

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    I totally agree. It all boils down to taking things for granted.

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    Alas, it is true. No matter how much I try to embrace everything and know its true value, it simply cannot be done. Must just be a human thing.

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