how important is sex in an relationship?

i am 16 and me and my boyfriend dont really get to see each other that often but once a week and every time we do we have sex. is that important and is it a good thing?i cant remember a time since we started that he has came over and we havent had sex? is that ok?

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  • 1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer about everything else in your relationship..

    do you talk about things when you were (and still are) growing up....does he come over when your sick to see how you are...can you call him for anything...can he call you for anything..

    there's just soooo much more than sex in a relationship...and maybe next time...don't have sex when he comes over...see what the reaction it expected and mandatory??

    hell your only 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    live life....the other aspects of life.

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    NO it is not OK. You need more than that in a relationship. beleive it or not you are setting yourself up for failure. realtionships are not built on sex but on trust and friendship. Sex is nice and great and wonderful. But try eating ice cream all the time. After a while what happens, you get sick of it and want something else. That is the same with sex. So either you have a interesting friendship with your b/f along with the sex or he is going to make you do more and more things sexually to help the relationship along. I have been there and just sex as great as it is NEVER works in the long run if that is what you want.

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    Sex is part of a relationship but not the most important. You need to be in a relationship that has more then just sex. At your age, whether you like it or not, you are young and relationships are new to you, but at your age, sex "is" the most important thing (to the boys). However, as you get older, you will learn more about them and realize that with each relationship you are in you learn something new about relationships and yourself. There is nothing more amazing then finding a person that turns you on with his intellegence, your conversations with one another, his touch, his smile, his physique, just the thought of him, with someone who can hold your attention and yet can spend a whole day just being together without having to have sex to be together.

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    It is ok as long as it isn't the main reason you are together. You might want to try saying no to sex once to see what he says. Make up an excuse, doctors exam, whatever. If he doesn't deal well with it then you have a problem. If he is ok with it then don't worry. Just be careful, 16 is awful young to be having a regular sex life in my opinion.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Man, oh man are you easy.

    How important is sex to you? Is it just a way to hold on to your b/f? You are really making him happy, but what about you and your happiness. Don't you sometimes feel that he is just coming over so that he can get a little? Why not tell him no sex for a month? Let's just talk and get to know each other. Have you ever heard of long walks or cold showers?

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    When you are this young, I am sure it's more about the sex than anything else. It's not worth it. You need to be with someone who really cares about you and not just having sex every second that you are available. Things will get a LITTLE better when you get older. Good luck

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    seems like he's just using you as his personal masturbatory toy. At your age sex isn't very important at all. I'm not gonna be prudish and say you shouldn't be doing it because that is not the reality these days. I will say...nothing good will come from it.

    Food for thought: Most of the girls I grew up with who said they were having sex at your age really weren't and the ones who were regretted it a lot. And no I'm not old , I'm 25.

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    1 decade ago

    Well, I have to ask why do you see each other only once a week?

    I believe for a man sex is important..perhaps the most important thing...but, as a woman (I can only speak for myself) intimacy is more important, honesty, trust...I will not lecture about protection at 16..or disease...or pregnancy..I do, however have to voice my opinion here..It sounds to me like he is using you for sex..get rid of him and look for a boy who respects you..

    Source(s): I think you already know the answer...good luck to you.
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    If that is all you are basing the relationship on it will not last. You both need to have other things in common. If he is 16 also all he is interested in is the sex.

  • 1 decade ago

    of course it's ok!

    as long as you are both totally comfortable with this situation, it is definitely ok!

    some relationships are highly sexual, some are totally sexless, but compensate in other ways. as long as your libidos (sex drive) are on the same level, and there is no pressure from either side.

    if you are both happy, then don't worry!

    after reading other people's answers, please don't be deterred by other people based on your age, i was your age once (i am 32) and i say: live your life the way you want to, learn things for yourself, don't take an opinion from someone based on their mistakes. i made many mistakes and did many great things too. i don't regret a single thing. revel in the moment! good luck!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Honestly, a relationship starts out by getting to know your partner, i think that "sex" should come later to really put the cherry on the top, literally speaking. Get to know your boyfriend first, then let the sex come later, not too fast...

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