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Does anyone have visble Lymph Nodes? Are they normal?

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    the question I have is, has it always been visible? If you have had an larger lymphnode since you were a kid, then it's probably not a big deal. Lots of people have one or two large lymph nodes.

    If the lymphnode is increasing in size it can mean several things


    Infections that commonly cause swollen lymph nodes include mononucleosis, German measles (rubella), tuberculosis, mumps, ear infection, tonsillitis, an abscessed or impacted tooth, gingivitis (swelling of the gums), mouth sores, and sexually transmitted diseases.

    Immune or autoimmune disorders that can cause swollen lymph nodes include rheumatoid arthritis and HIV. Cancers that can cause swollen glands include leukemia, Hodgkin's disease, or non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

    Which lymph nodes are swollen depends on the type of problem and the body parts involved. Identifying the location can help determine the possible cause.

    Swollen lymph nodes may also be caused by some medications (like phenytoin for seizures) or certain vaccinations (namely, typhoid).

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    Lymph nodes are sort of like in-line filters. You see, it works like this...

    Blood is made up of a fluid component (sera) and a solid or cellular component (red blood cells, platelets and a few large proteins). The fluid part as well as a small portion of the cellular part (namely the white blood cells) "leak" out of the blood stream and bathe the cells of the body with much needed supplies like oxygen, electrolytes, nutrients, etc. The cells use these supplies to do what they're programmed to do, which results in waste products. These waste products eventually find their way back to the blood stream where they get processed by the liver and kidney and leave the body by exhaling (carbon dioxide and other gases) or pee-ing.

    To get back to the blood stream, some of the waste gets reabsorbed directly through the blood vessels. Some of the waste, however, must go through the lymph system. This is sort of like blood vessels, but instead of carrying blood they only carry the liquid stuff that was bathing the cells. The lymph vessels get bigger and bigger and eventually culminate in a big lymph vessel in the base of the left neck where it drains back into the blood stream.

    Now, here's the key to lymph nodes...

    In the lymph system are lymph nodes in strategic locations and the fluid in the lymph system pass through these nodes. Just think of them as in-line filters. They're FULL of white blood cell and other immunologic things that help us fight infection. When bacteria or viruses get into the lymph system (which happens very frequently) they get caught in these lymph nodes where a huge battle goes on. Most of the time the time the white blood cells easily take care of things and you don't even know it's happened.

    Sometimes, however, the bacteria or viruses get the upper hand. In this case the lymph node calls up reinforcements. As a result, the lymph node gets bigger - sometimes big enough to see - and usually become more tender/painful. Hopefully the body eventually defeats the invaders (sometimes with the help of antibiotics or antivirals). After the battle in the lymph node is over, sometimes the node stays enlarged for a while. And that's where you must be careful and why you should probably go see a doctor.

    You see, some cancer cells also find their way into the lymph system where they take up residence in the lymph nodes. There, the white blood cells think "Hey, this is one of us. Let's leave it be." So the cancer cell stays there and continues to reproduce (which is what cancer cells do) and make the lymph nodes visibly larger. Eventually - and sometimes it doesn't take very long - a "daughter" of the cancer cell breaks away from that lymph node and goes to another lymph node and repeats the cycle.

    Docs usually don't get too worried unless your lymph node is over one centimeter in diameter, or if you have a bunch of lymph nodes. If your lymph node is visible I'd bet it is over 1 cm in diameter. If so, you should definitely go see a doc to make sure it's not cancer, or an infection that is winning the battle and in need of a little help from antibiotics.

    Hope this helps

    Source(s): Experience. Lots of it.
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    Every one is supposed to have lymph nodes. There are lymph nodes in your throat also. You can feel them. Go to the edge of your eyes, the ouside sides of them and take your finger, and go straight down. right under your jaw line, on both sides, there are one lump on each side. It feels like a bubble. Im not sure what they are there for but they are important and yes you should have them. But if a doctor says you have swollen lymph nodes in your throat then you might need to get your tonsles removed.

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    I'd check with your doctor. I know when you're sick they feel those. They check to see if they're swollen. Check with your doctor on this one. they know best

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