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Do people believe the following based on faith?

1 In the beginning there was an Accident, and from nothingness the

accident caused there to be some matter and energy in the


2. Because of the forces of gravity, a weak and a strong force, the

matter collected in a part of the somethingness, and grew together,

and exploded outward.

3. Over the course of the next 13.7 billion years the matter formed

and changed and evolved into atoms, and through symbiosis the atoms

formed molecules,

4. Over the course of time some of the weak and strong forces caused

some of the molecules to form stars.

5. There was 8.2 billion years after the great explosion, a star

that formed, and whence from this star in orbit was a planet,

6. And this planet came to be known as geos, or the Earth.

7. And 1billion years after the formation of the Earth, there was a

symbiosis of some of the matter and energy, to form Life.

8. This life was a cell, it had DNA and was able to asexually


9. This life evolved with time, and 3 and one half billion years

later there were monkeys,

10. And there were some monkeys that became apes, but some other

monkeys remained as monkeys, for they were geographically isolated.

11. There were some apes who left the trees, for the number of apes

after 11 million years in the trees was too many,

12. Through a process of evolution, a human being came forth from

the apes. Not all apes became man, for there was a geographic


13. All men were gatherers and hunterors, and they spread in number

as many as they could,

14. 4million 990,000 years after the first of the race of men was

born, a man was able to plant a seed in a garden.

15. 50 years after this seed was wheat, there became an owner of the


16. The owner of the land hired some of the hunter gatherors to till

the wheat.

17. The owner did not pay a fair wage.

18. The laborer were in great number, and wanted to strike and

receive a fair wage.

19. Fearing the strike of labor, the land lord created a fictional


20. In place of the great Accident, the land lord declared that a

fictional charachter known as God created the heavens and the Earth

and the stars and the trees, and inspite of man's destiny to leave

the race of ape and take his place at the top of the food chain, the

lie of the God making the man out of dust robbed the minds of labor

from the greatness of the jorney of matter and energy.

21. Some men were deceived.

22. Jim_darwin was not deceived, and led a strike against the lies

of the land lord.

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    I think you should give your main character a better title. Is the 'the great accident' the only thing it goes by? Is it aware that it accidentally lost the missing links when 'the evolution' accidentally turned our 333rd cousins into people? I always wanted to see the 52nd monkey model maybe we'll accidentally find where the whole string is hiding; and maybe if anyone checks out what the odds are that this creation or accident came from nothingness(oh I answered my own question-it's other name) maybe the title character would better be thought of as 'the great IMPossible'. (I know I'm a nit-picker but thanks for the ride anyway)

    Source(s): Maybe by accident
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    I believe it's about the best, most realistic story of creation I've heard. I don't base my life around it, nor would it change anything or hurt me if someone found out it was wrong, and something else was the truth.

    But until someone does, I'll put my money on it.

    Does that mean I have "faith" in it? Not really. I don't have any loyalty to it, either. But it makes a whole lot more sense than number 20, which has long since been proven to be nonsense.

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    I think some people believe that story on faith.I'm not one of them.I still believe the heavens and the Earth were created by God.It's interesting that because of the long posting so many answerers forgot the original question.It kind of shows the attention span of man,doesn't it? Peas....

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    Yes, I believe it through faith. Although it looks like there were a few insignificant errors made in the transcription, it's still 100% infallible because may momma says my pastor says Jim Darwin said so.

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    I wouldn't say faith. No one has put forth a theory that I totally subscribe to yet. But, yep that is what the logical stream of thought at present leads to. I also believe that a higher intellegence (aliens) had something to do with it.

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    I'll cut short the real story . God spoke and it happened . Genesis Chapter 1

    Source(s): KJV
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    The Universe exists and we are indeed a part of the Universe.

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    Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

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    Jim_darwin says so so it must be true....we all must have faith. I am right you are wrong. If you do not believe this you will burn forever in......

    oh wait, sorry the christians are really getting to me.

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