Is anyone as fed up as I am with all the 'impersonations' going on here in the 'immigration' section?

Y!A is obviously condoning this behavior.


princess_29_71 I've seen Renegade on here and I really like how he answers the questions. I am Cherokee of the Eastern Band. (NC)

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    yea but they have been stealing identitys ever since they have been coming across americas borders illegally they even have shops selling fake i.d's in mexico right out in the open so its nothing new to them..bunch of criminals even to the point of impersonating on the internet...kick them back where they came from

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    no one condones this sort of behavior it's the way people approach the matter. With all the individuals here talking about shooting them and beating them up it's no wonder why some get offended. If it's illegal then it's illegal but people cant seem to think of logical and actual ways of dealing with the problem. im sure there is an answer out there but people's ideals and point of view on this is sometimes ridiculous.

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    I am and I agree with you. The anti criminals don't do this. I guess that proves who the better people are. They are especially brutal to Sealrborders. I guess they forgot that they are not in Mexico, they are in America where we feel free to express whatever we want. It's called freedom of speech.

    The illegals/supporters are afraid of us, that's all. We get to them. We are smarter and they feel threatened.

    Hey, my husband said something about the fact that you might be Native. You should contact him. You guys might have a lot in common. I don't know where you are but he is from a rez out West. Shoshe-Bannock He's on here all the time, you have seen him. " Renegade"

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    I answer only what I think are legitimate questions.

    Anything that looks like a outrageous statement, I pass on.

    Giving responses to these "Impersonators" only encourages them to continue.

    Eventually they will have to go back to the Carwash/freeway offramp to sell oranges/Home Depot parking lot to pay for their DSL account.

    Source(s): I live in So. Cal.
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    It's all part of the overt PC movement. Let's put on a happy face and welcome everyone in, and if you want to jump the fence, come o-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n down.

    Look, until we get serious about this whole immigration thing, until someone has the b***s to say that this is wrong and all illegals must go, nothing will change, and this country will get weaker.

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    Yes several of us are. But this also shows the low mentality of the illegal alien when they have to resort to that sort of tactic to try to discredit and silence those exposing the lies and truth about the illegal criminals. Yahoo does seem to not do much about it. I've noticed when the illegals scream about a very valid question that we post about their illegal criminal activity many of them start making reports to Yahoo and down it comes, yet with them, their vicious attacks seem to be able to stay for quite a while. Do I detect a double standard here?

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    No, I really don't care.Sorry. If anyone ever wanted to impersonate me,they would never succeed,cause I'm irreplacible.

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    what impersonations are you referring too ? I've read your other questions so I'll guess this is a swipe at someone.. but it's way to vague. What are you talking about ?

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    yeah, but its good entertainment. i think it started when someone impersonated Pancha, now its sealrborders, and a few others. some of it is just pure entertainment cuz of their reactions. LOL all day long.

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    I wish I had a job like Pancha's ... imagine being able to sit at work amusing yourself with Yahoo Answers ... I'm jealous now .... :(

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