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biting, please help?

my son just turned one and he is finally in the phase of biting, i hate it, and i don't want him to go to his daycare and start biting other kids how can i put a stop to it.

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    Never bite back. It just teaches that biting is okay and using pain or aggression is the way to solve problems. Trust the experts in this site below.

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    Let's face it; a biting child is simply not fun to be around. And while a young biting child may not be exhibiting abnormal behavior, it's still not acceptable to other kids and certainly to other parents. Having said that, a biting child is a common concern in pre-school, mom's day out programs and provider settings, especially in the toddler years. So, what can a parent do to discourage the bad behavior of a biting child?

    1) Firmly say "No bite!" and remove the biting child offender from the situation.

    2) Administer an appropriate consequence such as removal of the toy or a time-out for a biting child.

    3) Lavish positive attention on the bitten toddler.

    4) Use distraction between young kids and watch their interaction closely to avoid placing youngsters--especially one to be known to be a biting child--in a conflict situation.

    5) Resist the temptation to bite a biting child back as a way to "show them" their wrongs. Use a positive approach instead. You don't want your toddler telling his teacher that he bites because that's what his parents do!

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    My son and I went through this and after the 2nd time he bit me I bit him back and he stopped I didn't do it hard but he understood that this was unacceptable and then one day I got a phone call from the sitter and her little boy bit my little boy so hard on the back that we had to go to the hospital and he had to be treated for the bite because we have the nastiest mouth in the world so please teach your child that biting is very bad you can try this and i know that it is hard but i would not wish for anyone to go through what my son had to go though he still to this day has a scar on his back from the bite good luck.... i hope this helps

  • First of all, is he still teething? If he is, his biting just means that he needs something else to chew on. (Trust me, after 3 siblings I know! ; )) All you need to do is get him a teething ring. If he's biting people and not just gnawing (there is a difference) then some discipline is in order. The next time your son bites, say, "No!" clearly, and show your displeasure in your facial expression, because small children are extremely sensitive to expressions. Hope this helps.

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    My son did that and started biting kids at daycare wanted to help as much as possible, so I told them to do whatever they had to do. I don't know how his teacher did it but she saw my son walking up to a little girl who he had bitten a couple times,when she refused to give him a toy he grabbed her arm with one hand and was going to bite...some how the teacher grabbed his other hand it quickly put it in front of the girls arm...making him bite himself, he never did it again.

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    All childern go through the biting stage. The only thing that worked for me was to bite them back, not hard but let them know what it feels like. Mine stopped immediately! Its hard to do. Many people will tell you not to do it! But childern need to learn that it hurts when they bite.

    Good Luck and hang in there!

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    Granddaughter went through a biting stage and with continued scoldings she out grew it in three or four months.

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    Put him in time out.

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    I would try the time out method.

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