What is your standard of "proves"?

I see many answers to questions on Y!A that state some sort of evidence "proves" their point, so it must be true. At what level do you consider something to be "proved"? Do you require the same level of proof in all your positions throughout life? Does proving a proposition posed make it an absolute truth for you from then on?

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    "Proof" is relatively unimportant. It suggests finality and certainty, and when it comes to knowing about the nature of the world, we essentially never have proof, just evidence. The misplaced focus on proof is a large reason why there's so much "talking past each other" that goes on between people who believe in gods and people who do not. If your standard for belief is proof then you can only believe in mathematical and logical truths. Since that's obviously not practical, people give up, and use words like "proof" and "truth" in a different way, to refer to their unsupported religious beliefs.

    If instead we were less arrogant about it and accepted that we have to believe things on the basis of evidence falling short of proof (that is, if we accepted science), we would have reasonable standards for belief that we could really hope to achieve.

    The big problem for the believer, of course, is that religious beliefs fail to meet even those standards, as their is neither proof nor even evidence for the existence of a god, let alone for the other lesser religious tenets. As a result, it's right back to "I believe in my god, and I don't care about the lack of evidence - I'll just claim that his existence is proven, and redefine 'proof' however I need to in order to be able to say that".

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    'Proof' is only relevant in mathematics (including 'logic'), coin collecting and distilling alcoholic beverages. In science, there is no 'positive' proof... the concept is applicable only in the 'negative' sense; i.e., for an idea to be 'scientific', it must be 'falsifiable'. In other words, you must be able to prove that it is NOT true.

    The Theory of Evolution is an excellent example of this. It is 'falsifiable'. That means that would take only one piece of evidence which demonstrated that evolution is not true. To date (around 150 years) there have been exactly ZERO such instances... nada... none... zilch.

    Liars For Jesus (LFJ) web sites, such as answersingenesis.com sit on the sidelines and take potshots at evolution, usually by misrepresenting and intentionally misinterpreting data (lying), and taking the quotes of actual scientists out of context... but ALL of their contentions have been definitively debulked. (See talkorigins.com, as an example.) Plus, they do NO science on their own, and there are absolutely ZERO scientific articles by creationists, debunking evolution, that have made it to a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

    Got carried away there. Anyway... it seems that on the religious side of the issue, any statement that can satisfy the limited curiosiy of the sheeple, and direct their attention away from actual scientific information, counts as 'proof'.

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    I'll jackuoff after you lose a few hundred pounds, in response to your avatars name, in response to your question most nitwits do nnot like to or know how to think for themselves they are victims of the public education sysytem which failed to teach concepts such as critical or objective thinking, skepticism is synonymous with heresy and a oneway ticket to hell for those whose best friends are dogma and superstition in the religious or political context,so because someone told them so or the tv did ,is proof enough,and they will stick to that until their dying day

  • WOW excellent ? goes to many levels.

    for 'religion' Q&A

    my standard, the Bible.

    I consider it absolute authority

    other stuff, I can only answer from experience or observation , that making it my truth, or reality, offering it as an example or a begining point for another to build from.

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    most religionist's redefine the word "proof", evidencing doesn't count in their mindset.

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    Please prove your contention

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