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Is there a limit to tolerence?should India take tough action against Pakistan?

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    Did I miss the latest report? Was Pakistan responsible?

    There should then be increased political pressure on Pakistan to clean up their act. India meantime needs to do better to ensure the safety of citizens. Overcrowding railcars isn't a good scenario. Dangerous even under the best conditions. How did the bombs get placed there to begin with? Aren't there ways to detect explosives?

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    I think if domestic problems in India were resolved there would be far less chances of such violence. Indian establishment has persecuted Kashmiris for over fifty years by not allowing democracy to function there, same could be said about the North East. They are constantly othering thier minorities and weaker sections as though they were foreigners.

    I am not making a case for terrorism, which i really hate from my guts, but what else do you expect if you do not take everybody along. I think the problem would have been far easier to handle had the state actually been fair to all and worked to ensure their development without persecution.

    You cannot have a Hindu definition of the Nation and yet expect non-hindus to feel enthusiastic about it too. Nor can you have such disparity in development (with some 38 percent below poverty line living in the slums) after fifty years of independence. While India has been busy emerging as a global power, over the last decade some 100,000 farmers have committed suicide due to the new economic policies... we really have no figures about what is happening to the people who are worse off, like the landless and those whose lands are submerged with big dams like Narmada.

    India, due to its short sighted policies, is creating more enemies within on a daily basis than any outsider can ever muster.

    I think there is a lot to be done at home before you attack your neighbour (which I agree is a big mess because of the very nature of that state, having chosen religion over reason.)

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    They should work with Pakistan to reduce the threat of terrorism. If Pakistan will not help, and help for real, then they are part of the problem and India should respond in any way that will keep them safe in the future.


  • Anonymous
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    If I remember correctly, it wasn't that long ago that India was conducting missle tests, much like crazy North Korean dude, and the threat was geared toward Pakistan. This is a two sided sword, both parties are to blame, and for peace, both have to be involved.

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    It defenetely should! See how pakis r killing indians in blasts. India is a peace loveing country, bt the worst thing, indian leaders are really sick and corrupts, with no guts. They cant do just anything. Its time people should take some step.

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    You're welcome to try.

    But... before you do, just remember

    The battle of Chawinda, or Chumb, or, my personal favourite, was Lahore. Remember, the Battle of Lahore, the last time Indians took "tough action".

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    Yeah, but they never will because of Gandhi

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    it takes two hands to clap, both parties are guilty

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