Is it normal for guys in their 30's to talk about marriage with you when you barely know them?

Like when you first start dating them, is it just their way of figuring out if you will respond to their thoughts of marrying you? Or is it because they actually want to marry you?

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    this is a funny subject and don't take it to serious unless it gets serious. Meaning that a guy that is ready to marry usually will already have his future wife in mind. The thing you have to remember is that some men at this piont are already figuring out that it is important to figure out what is on a womans mind and really just wants to open up some coversation on where a woman is at her life. If women freak out and run then that answers the question of unsure and had bad relationships and at this piont the daddy issue comes up. A women that doesn't freak out and will actually talk about it is usually a more patient women and secure in herself to handle a conversation with out feeling boxxed in. After all it just a question but reaction is everything stay cool and show you can handle these things with no pressure then you can take control of the converssation.

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    YES! And it's rather annoying. I figure it one of 2 things... or both. They found a great girl and we don't come along everyday you know! so they don't want to let the good one get away.. or they are a little pathetic. What I mean is that they are making future plans without first really getting to know someone so it seems they would fall for the first half way decent person to come along, just to have someone. But men in their 30's start thinking about settling down. I would just tell him that you are very flattered but he's coming on a bit too much with his talk of the future and you just aren't there yet so you'd appreciate if he wouldn't discuss those things with you just yet.

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    I think it's just normal talk for guys around the age of 30... but how much younger are you? Now thats an important issue, because if they're talking about marriage and you're much younger than them... well.

    Just be careful. People can be creepy.


    Does he talk about the children in the marriage alot,

    what kind of guy is he?

    Does he have a past record of many marriages,


    Keep your eye out.

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    i'm engaged and purely had a toddler. i'm also in college. And quite, i'd propose to graduate before even pondering youthful toddlers. As i'm positive you understand, some pregnancies are very puzzling, and look at no way of understanding if yours will be. My first became basic. yet my being pregnant with my now 2 month previous became the alternative. I did deal with to end very last semester, purely truly, after dropping practise and being placed on monetary help probation. and also you quite are particularly youthful for toddlers. i wanted them at your age too. yet even as i look decrease back i'm happy I waited. i in my view loved those years by technique of doing in spite of i wanted, each and each and every time. in reality, even as my youthful toddlers are magnificent, i'd under no circumstances propose absolutely everyone deliberately change into pregnant even as in college.

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  • 1 decade ago

    some guys ust think about the future a lot ,i t doesnt mean hes sure hes going to marry you, but its on his mind as a possibility so he thinks you and him have potential to last at least for a very long time

  • MsNic
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    Ive NEVER experienced or heard of that....usually getting a guy to talk about marriage is like pulling teeth. be glad the men u are dating arent like that.

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    No they dont wanna to marry they only wanna sex with 30's bcoz guys think in 30's they enjoy fully sex

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    There are no age limits or minimuns when it makes since to discuss marriage. It could be anything and go any biggy.

  • vhat40
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    Sometimes they want you to think they are into serious relationship and will tell you this things to get what they want. But sometimes it is to see your response in the matter. to see if you are a real stable person and to see where your head is.

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    i am in my thirties and i am wanting to get married, i am sure there are other guys out there like me that are tired of being alone.

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