Walking around with a hole in my stomache, is this really safe?

I recently had my apendix out on 6/29/06. I was told it was really bad. First Dr.'s appt on 7/7/06 my Dr. took out all of my staples, there was a lot of fluid build up and needed to get it all out, bandaged me up and said not to change the bandage. I ended up back in the emergency room the same night, the bandage became soaked with whatever was coming out of me. I was okay though. The emergency room gave me some bandages incase it became wet again to change it at home. 2nd Dr. appt 7/10/06 Dr never showed, I had to see a different Dr. who was not as nice. After causing me pain he said everything looked good. He told me that I can have my husband change my packing and my bandage everyday until I am to see my real Dr on the 20th. He also said that I can take a shower with the bandage off and the packing out and let the water and soap run off my body into my wound and my real Dr agrees. This doesn't sound right to me what do you think? What if hair gets caught in there then what?

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    I had a similar experience after one of my c sections. I had a hole about the size of a quarter....thing is it is partially healed on the inside...so the open wound doesn't go real deep....you are just healing slowly... I was given the same advise as you in addition to visiting nurses coming 2 x a week to clean the wound from the inside out with q tips and cleaning solution...PAIN... It should only take a couple weeks or so to heal. The idea of it right now is that it has to heal from the inside out.

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    Please go find another doctor. and then you may want to hire a medical malprctice attorney. None of this sounds good in fact it sounds down right dangerous for your health. I had my appendix out as a child and I did get an infection but I was never treated the way you are. Has anybody put you on anibiotics?? Seek different medical advice from a different doctor and do it soon. I will pray for you. I had a similiar thing happen with a breast and an infected cyst the doc lanced it open let the infection run through my breast tissue. Now I may lose the majority of it. My regular doctor is having hard time getting the infection under control and is upset with the so called specialist. Pease Please seek a secon or third opinion.

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    well obviously you'll have to take extra precautions but the water running over your wound then the drying process is good for healing. Keep your bandages clean and change them as many times as necessary!

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