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What should i do i really love him? But?

i recently broke up with my boyfriend. Well he broke up with me because he said there was a problem with our age difference. But it was only 3 years. But it was not a problem when we had sex. I think that i fell for him too soon he told me things that i was stupid to listen to i am trying to move on but i cant and he called me yesterday and asked why i havent called him since we broke up . Does he still want me????

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    dont be hasty in anything i,v been thru d same thing myself if 4 any reason(and dts a BIG IF) u av to get back with him, Girlfriend make him sweat b4 egets u again. he wont be so hasty to let u go again

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    He still wants you to be around! He wants you to sit and wait for him. It is obvious why you have not called and you should move on. Treat this like a bandage, when you are done with it you rip it off and throw it away you do not save it in hopes that you can use it again another day. He is stringing you along and taking advantage of your feelings. Trust your gut instincts!!

  • It is common for for people to want someone who has left them. As for his contact, sounds like he wants you to hang around and pine for him. Laugh at him and tell him you are too busy enjoying life to waste time calling him! If he broke up with you, then he doesn't care about your feelings. Move on, you deserve better than him!

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    yea buddy there wud have been sum problem which is rid off itself.

    u just give him sum more spac and he wud b urs

    even if he doesnt turn to u then u were just used to have sex and now he is in search of sum one else

    but dont take any step too fast coz time is the biggest remedies

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    It sounds like the old "Wants his cake and eat it too" scenario. He made up and excuse to leave you so he can see other women but then would still like to get sex from you. There are better guys out there, look elsewhere.

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    He's a jerk. Move on as best you can. And cut off all contact. It'll just tempt you to go back.

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    he really only wants u for his needs . it would be best to leave and dont look back. u can do so much better

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