God-Alien what you think?

I believe god was an aliean i got lots off evedence to sirport it too 1 is mary getting prego when she has never even did it with anyone obvily means god kidnapped her explainse why mary saw angles they were aliens they abducted her inplanted her with a clone jesus bascily jesus was half alien and half human thats why he had super human powers and also the 3 kings saw that star not a statar but a UFO they was following to jesus anyone else belive this?

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    Ignore the trolls. However, this isn't exactly a physics question, so perhaps you would have better luck in the religion catagory.

    I will not argue against your assesment as it is not all the implausible, but I don't agree with it. However, I will comment that if the god that you are refering to is indeed an alien, what would his/her origins be? Generally, God (big G) is associated with the creator of the Universe, but your version have god as a product of the Universe. It would be more consistent with an angelic being than with the big-G God that a lot of people seek.

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    I agree with you. But I also have a theory that it's human nature to want to explain things and to know the answers. Ancient peoples, who knew a lot less about the universe and things about the Earth, could not explain many phenomena like lightening, hurricanes, shooting stars. That's why it was a lot easier to make up myths and create super-powerful beings that could be responsible for those sort of things. Ancient Romans said that Jupiter/Zeus caused lightening when he was angry, hurricanes were the wrath of Neptune/Poseidon, and then Christians said that an all-powerful God supposedly created all of the universe. How arrogant! Because they couldn't prove how the universe came to be, they said, "oh let's just say some super being created the universe, that way we won't have to explain anything." It's highly plausible that what we call God could have been nothing more or less than a member of a highly technological civilization visiting us. And to people back in the day, the idea of other life in the universe didn't even occur, so they called that visitor a God. Oh the things people do out of ignorance. Read "Chariots of the Gods?" for further ideas/info.

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    Try von Daniken's books:


    "Was God an Astronaut?"

  • 1 decade ago

    Read two great books & you will get the answers:

    1. COSMOS by Carl Sagan


    2. A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME by Stephen Hawking

    believe me...

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    Wow. Where should one begin... Perhaps by introducing the idea of sentences, punctuation, paragraphs...

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    I am totally with you!

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