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Does "Islam" mean "peace" simply because Muslims say it does ?

Today it's a Muslim gunman in Iraq killing 20. Yesterday it was a train bombing by Muslims in India. Still, the mindless masses chose to believe Islam is a religion of peace in spite of the fact that EVERY major world conflict involves Muslims in some shape or form.

So in the great Mohammedan tradition, since "Islam" means "peace", I hereby chose to redefine a few words: "tequila" now means "sobriety", "marlboro" means "clean lungs", and "columbine" means "quality education."


G: People who get offended easily should stay off the internet.

Update 2:

No, Andrew, YOU are the idiot because you don't see the reality of Muslims killling everyday and the vast majority of Muslims who fail to condemn it but simply make excuses or blame the US or Israel.

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    Islam means submission, not peace.

    In Arabic Islam: Submission. Peace: Salaam.

    Those people who are killing and causing so much blood shed! believe they are doing in in the name of Allah, and therefore are not committing any crimes. From what I have seen, they feel the whole world is against them, and they are the only correct people, and must defend their faith, and increase their number as much as possible, until the whole world is converted to them, or they conquer the world. Either way, they want to rule all of us. A peaceful religion will not teach their people to produce so many just for the purpose of increasing their number, or to ask to kill the non believers. Not all Muslims will do that, but deep down inside, they believe it must be done, and we all must become Muslims. Pay attention how many Muslims like to mention their number, and some of them even over estimate them. If a person converts to Islam, they are added, if they are converted from Islam to another religion, they are still counted as Muslims, because many, if not all of them do it in hidding in fear of death.

    Peace no, Islam means to Submit to Allah and Muhammad.

    Muslims, ask yourself this question. Why the Muslims Sunnis and Shias are killing each others? they both believe in Allah and Muhammad, yet the Sunni don't consider the shias Muslims?

  • Well, as theology is my hobby, in fact Islam as it was written, and meant to be is not entirely peaceful. In founding Islam, Mohammed had to use some violent measures and punishment for crimes is quite harsh by our standards, but if you read the Quran, it does state that Islam should be lived peacefully. However, yes, I said however, there are specific rules in the Quran set out for warfare. One of those rules specifically condemns the terrorist acts pulled off by "Muslims". Invadind other countries is also condemned. But, the Quran does say you can fight back against an invading army into your own country, but can only strike at a military target and are forbidden from striking any civilian or harming anything BUT a militarty target. If the enemy surrenders, the Quranic rules say you must accept surrender, disarm the enemy and send him away with a promise never to return. So, in answer to you, I say if practiced properly, yes, there will from time to time be bloodshed, but blood should only be spilled when invaded under the rules set forth by the Quran. But in times no force is invading the Quran does in fact preach peace and doing only what is right.

    Now I am no Muslim, but I am not a Christian or Jew. However I do study all base religions as a hobby, so I do have answers.

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    First of all, a single person does not represent an entire religion. Secondly, I'm sure Christians and atheists and people of every religion killed people today, yesterday, everyday. But you choose to focus on people of Islam, simply because you are an idiot. The train bombing was Kashmiri militants, not all of whom are Muslims. And you say that "EVERY major world conflicts involves Muslims in some shape or form." Well, EVERY world conflicts involves Christians, it involves Jews, Hindus, atheists. You're just a racist idiot. And that is all.

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    My question to you coloradohurr... is that have you ever thought of seeing why Muslims are all involve in this kind of conflicts. Let see few examples.

    India: Kashmir (majority of the population are Muslims) want to have freedom from India and they are fighting for that because of that the recent event happened in India. I don't agree of what they do but you have to see why they did it may be because one of there family member was killed by Indian army etc.

    Iraq: Should we all blame Bush because he lied about WMD and that started the whole thing.

    If you need more example let me know. My contact is always open. Lastly I have to say this proverb " Don't judge a book by its cover" And don't judge a conflict with American Media.

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    of course. i use the word forcustion, most others call it an apple.

    and as for the muslims bombing the train in india, the last i saw before i went to bed last night, was that no group or person had taken responsibility for the attack.

    i am a soldier with many tours in iraq and other regions around the globe and my first thought is that "they" did it. unfortunately not being a forensic scientist or a psychic, i cannot accurately place blame until it is proven......


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    We were brought up in school to believe the West meant democracy, secularism and tolerance. We grew up to see the ugly face of the West in terms of its neo colonial strategies and interventions in the third world which keep us from changing our conditions for the better.

    West financed Islamic militia to serve its own ends. Now they are uncontrollable and running amok.

    Muslim world produced highly sophisticated cultures during the European dark ages. In fact the Renaissance thinkers got access to classics only through Muslim universities of medieval times. Sufis represent another dimension of spiritual progress of these great civilizations. This multiplicity of pursuits still exists in the Muslim world. But media focuses on violence alone.

    One chief thing responsible for making Muslim inhabited areas this way is Western interventions and neo-colonial policies. West has not allowed the Muslim world to stabilize. Fundamentalist violence is a greater danger to Muslims and whatever they hold dear than to the West. For Americans it is only an excuse to extend their control. They are not here to help but to worsen things for Muslims. The two onslaughts that Muslim countries face right now are Fundamentalism and Western Violence.

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    You're an idiot. Just because there are some bad Muslims doesn't mean the religion is founded on violence. There are bad Christians too. And bad Athiests or whatever you are. So shut your ignorant mouth until you stop and take five seconds to think about the reality of the situation.

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    word ISLAM is derived from the Arabic word ""salaam"" which means ""peace""....And word Muslim means "" who enforce peace"...

    As it's said in the Koran.

    "and don't spread terror on the Land."

    and in Surah Tawba.

    "if they ask for peace you must give them peace"

    And u said about Mumbai blast ...... the government haven't Saudi anything about this yet than how you know...? and the number of people killed is very less than innocent child killed monthly in Kashmir By Indian Forces....

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    We can said the same about all self-righteous religion

    We christian believe in Peace but most of us are at war

    We christian been at war here in many form from the day

    we christian came here in the usa

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    Islam gives a whole new meaning to the word "peace", huh?

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