What can one person do to make the world a better pleace to live for everyone?

As many of you already know, the workd is in a steady decline. Our social standards are deteriorating, the economy has slowed and more than ever people are living impoverished. What can we do as individuals to thwart this trend?

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    First, and probably the simplest, if you live in a free nation, vote. Secondly, give, not just some money, that's to easy. Go out and help your neighbor, Mentor kids, go visit a nursing home. Turn off the TV and step outside.

    Don't wait for someone to lead you, be the leader.

    Don't wait for a change, start one.

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    Our economy is strong but the social standards are certainly slipping, I'm not sure about MORE people being impoverished, depends on where you live. I would say the best thing "one" person could do would be not to post a controversial question on Yahoo.

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    There is something we can all do and it may seem inconsequential but I believe it's at the root of most of our problems. We need to stop being so judgmental, so unaccepting of what's different from ourselves and stop putting derogatory labels on people. If we would just stop doing that we'd be on our way to being a much better world.

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    The reason the world is messed up, is because we no longer value Wisdom. If we were wise, we would make good choices, and there would be little suffering. There is only one thing we can do. Each of us, must seek Wisdom. If enough of us do this, it may begin to rub off on others. If we teach it to our children, they might teach it to their children, and so on. Seek Wisdom.

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    Some parents need to gain control of their children. Everyone needs to learn how to be polite and fair.

    But, you will never see that happen. There are those who say that people need to have freewill. These same people will fight for the right to misbehave. How stupid is that!

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    Make yourself the best you you can be. You are operating in the world every day and you control yourself. Use every opportunity to make the world a better place. In every interaction in every part of your life, even in traffic.

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    Each of us to be contented, happy and satisfied! Don't compare! Don't complain! If U can't change the world, forget it and enjoy yourself!

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    Go to other planets as Heaven or Hell! make room for the rest.

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    Educate one Uneducated person.

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    just be kinder to others. treat others like you wanna be treated. its so bloody simple to say but its so so hard to do. stop having ulterior motives for helping people out.

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