does any one know any mobile home lender ?

i need a lender that can help me refinance my mobile home in florida i am looking for 90-95% LTV with a credit score of 611. can any one hhhhheeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllppppppppppppppppppp me please??????......................

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    Number 1 - YOUR credit score is not BAD - ok - I would rather have you as a client with the 611 vs someone in the 500's - not sure why he stated it is bad - lenders will like you - anything ofer 580 + is 100 percent tinancing - and if you were looking for a house vs MH - you would get a good rate too - Noticed he took his comments out - glad he did - since it was very rude....

    Now for a Moble Home

    Agricultural Mortgage does business in all states, and they do Manfactured Homes.

    Professional Mortgage Group (pmg) will do FL, AL, TB they do manufactured homes

    try they have in the past done manfactured homes -

    ALSO - - -

    Welcome to

    Your source for Mobile Home Financing

    Following is a summary of our most popular programs. Additional guidelines apply.

    Please call 1-800-955-0021 or complete one of the online loan applications.

    Our Conventional Loan program provides standard fixed rate financing for new and previously-owned manufactured homes (1974 and newer

    Our all-in-one Land/Home financing program offers financing for both home and property. This program features flexible loan terms for both new and pre-owned homes, and the option to use land equity towards the down-payment.

    Staged Funding Our Staged Funding program for land/home purchases provides funding in four stages as work progresses, and offers convenient payment options during the construction period.

    With Classic-Land-in-Lieu, customers use the equity in the land they own towards a down-payment on a new or pre-owned manufactured home

    FHA / FNMA Freddie Mac

    Yes, you may qualify for trememdous savings with a conventional mortgage loan on your multisectional manufactured home or modular home.

    21st Mortgage Corporation


    or do a search under yahoo with the following key words: moble home lender florida

    Source(s): Wanda Ellis, Branch Manager Charterwest Mortgage, LLC 765-469-1975 cell 765-327-2065 fax/office
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    You are going to have to try to get a loan from your bank. Mortgage lenders won't touch anything wheels since it's not actual real estate. But, most likely your bank won't lend you the money either since a mobile home has little to no value to them and your credit score is bad. Your best bet is to ask the current owner to finance it for you. Good luck.

    Source(s): I'm a licensed REALTOR in Maryland.
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    relies upon on what type of cellular living house you're finding out to purchase. Is it one which will be connected to land and made into actual belongings? if so....... the most acceptable lender is one which does FHA and/or VA loans. they can finance ninety seven% - one hundred% of the acquisition value at a very useful proper with minimum PMI (FHA) - NO PMI on VA. often in case you go by ability of the cellular living house lender they cost higher expenses and expenses, so definetly be knowledgeable and save round. good success.

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    GreenTree or HSBC Beneficial

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    try argent mortgage.

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