my family dosent get along and i have a step dad who yells and bangs us into stuff and i like my real dad betr

i like my real dad way better he just got out of jail and he has changed big time .and he said i might be able to live wuth him but i would miss my mom and friends..but i would also be alot happier with him??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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    try to stay away from home as much as possible...

    - if you walk to school, leave earlier than you normally do

    - join an after school club, that keeps you out of the house until suppertime and then when you finally do get home, focus on your homework

    - spend time with friends as much as you can

    - take weekend visits with your dad (spend friday from after school right up until sunday night or even monday morning if he lives in the same city), but don't move in with him permanently

    - when you're old enough, get the heck out of the house you're in now

    remember: that which doesn't kill you, will only make you stronger

    if you need someone to talk to, please feel free to email me

    good luck hun!

    Source(s): i've experienced every abuse that exists at the hands of men and i'll be 21 in 3 weeks
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    First of all if you have a step dad who is hurting you emotionally and physically you need to let your mom know. If your mom does know but doesnt end it- then she is just as guilty for letting it happen! Talk with someone u trust- your mom- a teacher- anyone u feel comfortable with! Talking and geting out your feelings help more then you know! Your mom will not be willing to let you go! You may see changes in your dad- and I hope for your sake- a little time in jail helped him to realize things he did wrong- and hopefully changed him!! BUT your MOM has to be the one who sees these changes too! Start off slow by going to lunches with your dad, the movies, then gradually move to spending the wekend as things get better. Dont rush it all at your mom at once-remember she loves you!!!! You can still have the best of both worlds- your mom and real dads love!

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    Well hun thats a tough one i dont know you well but in my opinion one take legal action to remove this man you call step dad that is throwing you around including your sibblings sure your mom will be angry at first but if she loves you she will know its for the best . I know you like your real dad but i would give him a chance to settle with his new life after jail before living with him not sure why he was there in the first place but he will need time to adjust and then it will give you a better view of what he is realy like. Dont rush into things hun there are other ways have you also tried talking to your mother and see where her thoughts lay in all of this maybe she wants to leave him too but needs to know she has your support. Lines of communication is very important yes hard to do but needs to be done in order to make the right choices.

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    Your step dad bangs you into to stuff? That could be abuse. This isn't an easy situation. Talk to your mom (at least try) and if that doesn't work talk to another adult that you trust maybe they can help you find a solution. Meanwhile I'm glad your dad is doing better stay close to him he is going to need your support right now as he transitions into society again.

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    well whats better seein your real dad or gettin trown around and ur friends??? im pretty sure your mom will see you because she loves you. You can make new friends maybe even better then the ones you have now. If you decide to leave but keep in touch with your friends imma tell you the truth its not gonna be the same at all!!!!!

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    Look at it this way ur mom will always be there and u will make new friends. If it is better for you to live with your dad do what u can so that happens. No kid needs to deal with crap from any adult that is abusive in anyway. You need to worry about your self!!

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    The grass isn't always greener on the other side. Your step dad needs a dose of his own medicine. I'm sorry you are going through that. Just remember not to carry on that trait with your own family. What does your mom do when this is going on?

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    you need to do what is best for you

    some things you should consider are why was you father in jail and is he likely to return?

    is your stepdad's abusive behavior affecting your mother in any way? if he is abusive you must report the behavior

    if you leave and go live with your dad will your stepdad's abuse be focused on your mother and how will she fare?

    none of this is anything anyone should have to endure or make decisions about such things but you must make an educated well thought decision for your own good.

    i wish you the best

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    you could try it for awhile and then go back with your mom & stepdad if it doesn't work out. Real dad might not be a walk in the park either. You have to try it to see if you coudl be happier. Wait til he gets on his feet and has a place to live then try living with him in the summer to see how it works.

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    My Great Grandfather was a lot like that. Banging the kid's heads into the door jamb as they walked through. He needs anger management and counseling. In the mean time, you need to tell your mother and the authorities about his abuse. No one should be abused verbally or physically by someone that has been put over children. I don't know your age, but please act quickly, because it won't get any better.

    Good luck, and God bless.

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