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Video Game Testing?

What skills ( except for gaming skills ) should i concentrate on for becoming a Video Game Beta Tester. When i turn 18 where do i go to get that job.

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    patience, logical thinking, and some knowledge of programming

    testing is not easy or fun, you have to sit in a room and play the same game for hours on end. you do not play to win, your job is to find problems with the code. would you enjoy repeating the same move 100 or 1000 times just to see if it breaks the program? or say in an RPG, your job is to wander through all the boring back areas to see if there are places where the graphics break down.

    but some people really like it.

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    You can really make money playing the newest video games. Some market research companies will mail you their new video games, gaming consoles and etc. so that you can test them. Then you send them your input and then they will pay you for your review. The trickiest part is gathering a list of the companies that will pay you.

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    As for where to go to get a job like that, look at and or if those don't help, do a google search for "video game beta test" and see what other results you get.

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