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If other people are telling you about god, then how can you know it is true?

Since human beings are very often completely wrong about things. (The world is flat, the planets and stars move around the earth, etc.) How can they be trusted to explain exactly what an all powerful deity who created and knows everything is all about?

Try taking an independent step here for a second and imagine you are from another planet and this is the first time that you have ever heard about god.

Someone comes up to you and tells you: 'There is a creature that created everything, even you, and it is all in this book that was written centuries ago.'

While, this idea might seem intriguing, what proof do they offer other than this book? How does one book flat out prove the existence of this god? Do they have anything to back up this claim other than the book and other people who already believe in this book?

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    I tell people about God because I believe in him. We all share things we believe in with others be it recipes, movies, music, books. And besides, there is historical evidence to back up many of the stories in the Bible. See, you may or may not believe in God. So what do you tell people? That's the point. We share what we know and what we believe in. It may be right or wrong. We won't know until it's time.

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    Everything that has ever occurred in ALL THAT IS is recorded in the Spirit.


    Evidence of this is found among Near Death Experiencers when they talk about going through a panoramic life review, whereby they get to see and feel how their actions affected those around them.

    I submit that the ABSOLUTE TRUTH about the orchestrator of The Big Bang will not be found down here but in the Higher Realms of Spirit, where the discarnate Saints (on a higher vibration than the the religious communities in the Mid Realms) dwell.

    That source does not espouse that there is or was an omnipotent and omniscient God. Rather, they teach that there was an Original Creator who was not infinite - as no soul can be infinite in growth - who evolved into rarefied God Consciousness.

    Only Group Entities of angels and subangels - who started the world's traditional religions - promote the idea of an all powerful deity who knows everything. The discarnate Saints have a much clearer and objective perspective on the situation which is not stained with a political agenda.

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    If other people are telling me about you, then how can i know it is true? For one thing, if you didn´t exists you would not be writing here. That´s the first evidence, i get, of your existence. The things you have expressed shows what kind of intelligence you are expressing.

    Every thing created is proof of a creator. Nothing, especially intelligent people became by chance. LQQK at everything around you. It takes more faith to believe it came out from nothing, or that it created itself. What do you think!

    (The world is flat, the planets and stars move around the earth, etc.) The Bible was the fist to record, 3,000 thousand years ago, that God hangs the earth on nothing. Only a few centuries ago your average scientist was saying, ´´The world is flat, the planets and stars move around the earth´´ There´s enough reasons to serve God (Jesus) than not to. God bless you!!!

    Source(s): Bible,history
  • Well, to answer your question, I do research such things. I have done so for years. I don't just look at one religious text. I look at all the main texts and compare. In order for me to find a part plausable, my criteria is all texts must agree on some point on the issue at question. In this case the question is the existance of God. Well, all agree on this point. So I must conclude that God does indeed exist. However in form, the texts do not agree so I therefore cannot say what form God is. However all texts agree that God uses natural occurances most of the time to do the things that God wills to be done. Therefore,I do not buy that God took 7 days by our reconning to create everything, however it is plausable that God created everything in 7 of God's days which may be significantly longer than we can imagine.

    Now if, I were from another planet and never heard of religion or saw the holy books of earth, I might conclude that it was a primitave story told to pacify the tribal masses, but I may have a religion from my own planet as well which may or may not agree with the religions of earth. If they did in fact agree, then I do not think I could then doubt the existance of God. If it did not agree, at least on this point, then I would then question religion more. However as it is, I have only the given parameters of earthly proof to go on, so that is what I will do is work with that and believe only what I can plausably prove.

    Source(s): theology is a hobby of mine, as well as philosophy. good question. it was a pleasure to try to answer it.
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    All religion is man made it all makes the same claim that it comes from God. This claim is partially true but people can never stand to leave Gods word alone. This is because god’s word is consistent and does not mesh well with their personal preconceptions and bigoted ideas. So they make little changes here and there injecting their thoughts into the mix tainting the word with nonsense. For this reason you should not put much faith in these ideas about god that come from others. If God wants to tell you something He is perfectly capable of telling you directly.

    Maybe you should stop reading what other people say about God and ask him to tell you what he wants you to do directly. Stop reading; clear you mind and listen. When you pray get you’re talking over as soon as possible and listen. He is trying to talk to you but your mind is full of nonsense from the bible and other sources. Don’t be surprised if what you hear does not sound much like what you have been told about God. You will be hearing Gods message minus the nonsense.

    In your bible study have you ever heard of the small still voice? You can't hear it if your mind is otherwise occupied with other people’s silly ideas about God. Just try it you will be surprised

    Source(s): course in miracles
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    Man cannot prove the existence of God to anyone.

    Every human being will reach God consciousness at some time in His life.

    At that point the individual will be either positive or negative toward God.

    If he wants to know the truth and have a relationship with God He promises to provide information and the opportunity to hear the gospel John 7:17.

    If the person is negative then God doesn't provide the information.

    So you see it isn't about people it is about you and God.

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    1. They would not say a "creature". Creatures were created. God is a being, not a creature.

    2. It's not all in the book. Even the book says so.

    3. The proof I have that God exists is that I know Him.

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    The bible is my proof. Read it and you will be amazed at how much knowledge it actually has in it, and all for our benefit. How did the writers of the books know so many things, if it wasn't inspired by God. Job knew that the earth was hanging on nothing long before it was discovered that the earth was round. Dig deep for the knowledge, and the only place you will find that is the Holy Scriptures.

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    God is in each of us through spirit. if God were just a myth, the story and the myth would have died thousands of years ago.

    why is society/athiests so intimidated by the concern of whether God is real or not. because the existance of God means that Man is not in control and he therefore is a threat.

    No country goes to war with another country unless there is some kind of threat - either real or imagined

    God is very real, that is why the rest of the world is so threatened by him. You dont hear people being afraid of or threatened by Allah, Buddah, or Mohamad - they are dead and therefore not a threat. i never heard anyone say Buddahdamn, or Allahdamn.

    Think about it - why would non beleivers feel so threatened by God if he were not real?

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    Its all about faith....not being gullible or indoctrinated. Answers like that one just prove some people will never be open to anything remotely spiritual. The link below has a great overview of a variety of beliefs. You might try asking the question there where you won't be berated or given rude answers.

    Source(s):, my own personal relationship with Jesus for 27 years.
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