pregancy and periods?

was wondering if anyone as ever had regular periods but been pregnant. and if so.. could it happen if u didnt have periods for the previous baby?

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    Usually you will only get a day or two of spotting,not a whole period. If you have taken a test and it says you are pregnant and you are bleeding , then you need to see a doctor. It could be an etopic pregnancy which could be dangerous.

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    Every pregnancy is different so if you have something like a period,make sure that you consult you dr,but it may not be an issue. Some women have been known to have something like a period for the full 9 month and deliver and healthy baby!! Just make sure that you have regular check ups. Hope this helps!!

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    sometimes women can have periods throughout there pregancy..but not very common to have a heavy period,,,, i was pregnant and i was bleeding which i thought wasent normal at all as my first pregnancy i didnt have any periods..

    I did end up in hospital and nearly lost my life by not getting it checked out it was an eptopic pregnancy,,so do get checked out to be on safe side

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    I had three periods that got lighter as my pregnancy advanced. I was 14 weeks along before realizing I might be pregnant.

    Our bodies are mysterious things so it could happpen with one pregnancy and not the other. Check with your doctor re: any spotting .

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes it is possible, but you should always discuss this with your doctor.

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    my ex wife

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