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does anyone know.....?

how to make a good homemade horse fly spray that works

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    i make a natural fly spray that does work very well. it doesn't last long but it helps tremendously when i'm out there and when i notice that my horses are suffering too much. but the best part is that it's all natural. when i use the poisons on my horses they won't stand still and put their ears back, they can tell that i'm putting something on them that's bad for them. with this stuff though, my problems with putting on flyspray went away, not saying it will for for everyone, but it works for me.

    i buy a jug of aloe vera juice from walmart in the health section. you're supposed to drink it but it is a good base because it's natural and makes their coats shiny. then i buy a little bottle of tea tree oil from walmart [they are usually near the aloe juice]. at whole foods i buy citronella oil and eucaliptus oil.

    i fill a bottle about three quarters of the way with the juice, dump the entire tea tree oil bottle into it, and ten drops of each other oil. i shake it before i use it each time.

    this works for me, i guess it's worth a shot.

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    1 cup Repel X (concentrate)

    7 cupl water

    1/4 cup Avon Skin So Soft

    1/2 cup white vinigar

    (shake well before using)

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    no i don't know i you come to know let me know

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