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what is a su chef?

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    well its spelled "sous" and im not really sure but i think its like the 2nd in command chef. you arent the executive chef and your not the line or prep chef . its somewhere in between

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    Sous Chef can be the second in command but here again it has to see the organisation chat.If the company is big like a hotel well sous chef could be the fourth person in-charge.The number one man which is the Executive Chef where he take charge of all the kitchen staff with his Asst Executive Chef to foresee the operations carry out smoothly.Then comes the Executive Sous Chef where his duty is to sit with all Sous Chef for meeting every week on new dishes to be on the menu.Then the minutes will be hand over to the Asst Ex & Executive chef for approval.Ofcourse the Sous Chefs need to sit in too as they are the middle management.The Sous Chefs has each a kitchen to run like the pastry,cold kitchen,banquet kitchen,westen kitchen,coffee house kitchen and so for depending on how many restaurant the hotel have.So if you get this level of sous chef you should be coming to around 6-8 years of back ground experience.If not you will be in hell as you need to run the operations as well as planning your junior staff shedule.The whole kitchen is place in your hand so if you are good it brings in sales but if you run it badly then you may be the first to go.All the best.

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    A sous chef is a chef ranking just below an executive chef or chef de cuisine. The word "sous" is french for "under", related to the word "sub" in English.

    The sous chef is directly in charge of production. Because the executive chef's responsibilities require spending a great deal of time in the office, the sous chef takes command of the actual production and the minute-by-minute supervision of the kitchen staff.

    A direct executive assistant of the executive chef, the sous chef often shares some duties with the executive chef, such as menu planning, costing and ordering. Kitchens often have more than one sous chef, with each having his or her own area of responsibility, such as the banquet sous chef, in charge of all banquets, or the executive sous chef, in charge of all other sous chefs.

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    It's spelled sous chef. It's the chef below the executive chef in ranking. An assistant.

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    Sous-Chef is second in authority in the kitchen. The Sous-Chef reports directly to the head chef and is responsible of overseeing the food production.

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    It's actually sous-chef.

    The chef who is second in authority in a restaurant or kitchen, ranking below the head chef

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    an assistant to the chef. does food prep such as dicing, chopping, etc. with experience, they get to do some cooking under the eye of the chef. it's a stepping stone to becoming a chef.

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    if you mean sous chef. the second person in charge of the kitchen. if the chef is gone the sous chef is in charge.that it

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    It's the head chef's sidekick.

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    "Sou" chef-assistant chef

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