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Has anybody experienced death or hear any stories of people dying and coming back to life, what do they say?

Please I do not want opinions, I want facts. Tell me about people who had the experience of dying and comming back to life. Some people say they see their loved ones, some say they walk in clouds on a tunnel. What is out there? I am so curiouse. My mother-inlaw ( who I loved very much) died a month ago and my husband is asking many questions.

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    I hope I can help your sense of curiosity. Yes I have heard of people dying and coming back to life in a physical body. Death is such a sad moment for all of us, and I am not for sure if the answer you are seeking is to confirm the feelings you have,or if you would open your mind and look through the doors of never ending death.

    We all fear death and wish that any loved one who has passed on could somehow return to this life here on earth. However the spirit of the deceased does have a watchful eye, they know that there present state is a more desireable place to be, and wish that you could be with them. Except that they know that there is a purpose that must be fulfilled by you, your husband, and all humanity. Exam the purpose of your cusriosity, if it fulfils the scheme of godliness then your answers will be fulfilled. Your mother-in-law is very much alive just in a different realm. Please know there is no such thing as time in the spirit world, however you have all the time in your physical life to be a forgiving person.

    You chose to ask this question for a reason. Please try and open your mind and find life, do not search for death because there is no such thing.

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    If you are religious then you will focus on those answers. I am an atheist and as such will tell you that these visions (light tunnels and so forth) are caused by the chemical and electrical events taking place in the brain. We are talking about oxygen starvation, trama, shock and a host of unusual events hitting the brain and body. The brain may dump some hormones to reduce pain or just by accident as cells are inadvertantly firing. Some people remember nothing and others have images just like waking from a dream. Those with a religious/spiritual orientation will probably have a greater chance to perceive a religious experiance as the brain attempts to understand what just happened to it.

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    I read a book about a guy who died in an automobile accident and was resurected because he decided to hang on. In the book he went to heaven and saw his family. In the book he describes heaven to the best of his ability but he keeps saying that human words just aren't enough to describe it. When he comes back to life, it takes him a long time to recover from his injuries. by this I mean like 5-10 years. The doctors kept saying to him that their is no reason he should have lived. I don't remember the books name sorry though. It is a true story though that happened about 1990.

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    It is time dependent, only miracles can occur as Lazarus being resurrected and Jesus. However, many have had the near death experiences but I would like to know how it occurred also.

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    It is pure Bluff. But,as per i know, sometimes, the heart of the man stops working but it can be restarted by giving electrical shock or other remedies.

    I don't Believe this. Sorry.

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